Richard, International

Ali sent me a note and mentioned a swoon worthy new picture of Richard Armitage. “Aren’t they all?” I thought.

I was wrong. I’ve not seen many like this where he looks like such a guy. I mean just a guy. Did I say just a guy? Someone slap me.

We haven’t really seen a pic like this since Strike Back:

This is from an interview in Spanish magazine Accion, which Ali has up at RichardArmitageNet.Com. My only complaint: we need a bigger copy stat!

Also, don’t miss Richard’s FOUR PAGE interview in French magazine L’Ecran Fantastique. April has a copy here.

If you don’t speak French, no worries, Ali will have up a translation soon!

I’m sure we’re all going to learn a few words in other languages before this is over. :D

And I have a new tag for these kinds of pictures, “arrow worthy”. No, I won’t be drawing any arrows. I leave that to others who are more adept. But the tag is perhaps a suggestion?

edit: I put up a larger format picture. Thanks, Ali!

second edit: Servetus now has a translation of the Accion piece.