Watching The Hobbit Premiere On Free Live Stream


Yes! You can watch The Hobbit Premiere live and get your fix of Richard Armitage even if you’re not in New Zealand and don’t have a cable connection. Doesn’t matter. There are places around the web which will offer live, free streaming of the event. The Red Carpet will begin at 4:30pm Wellington Time with streaming coverage beginning at 3:50pm. If you’re not sure when that is your time, you can check out this clock.

Most of these are facilitated by Warner Brothers streaming through NowLive, so yeah, the NowLive link is direct. But I think most of you know which one I’m going to access. :D


Middle-Earth Network

The Hero Complex

Now Live


Cinemaxx (Germany; not sure it’s free but it should be)

I’m currently looking for other sites and will add as I find them and correct links as needed. Additionally, if you find some, please feel free to let me know, and I’ll update.

Also, please note that some of these streams will offer replays as soon as the event is done, so no worries if you can’t watch it live.


  1. 3.30am for those of us in London, UK. My life sucks so much.

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    Links donde podéis seguir la premiere de “El hobbit” en directo desde Wellington (Nueva Zelanda)

  3. Thanks for the great links!
    Some of us on Twitter have settled on the #RAHobbitNZ tag. It will be updated for #RAHobbitUK and #RAHobbitUS, etc.

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    Great compilation of sites. Richard Armitage fans are also planning on watching together via a couple of different venues. On Twitter, using #RAHobbitNZ and in Armitage World Chat.

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  6. It looks like ComingSoon.Net is going to have it live streaming as well.

  7. Finally there is an advantage to living in Australia when it comes to The Hobbit (don’t get me started on the late release)
    The red carpet starts about 2-30 pm. I’ve made sure I have no commitments today and I won’t be home to anybody who rings my phone or my doorbell!

  8. Thanks for putting them all together in one place. Here is another on:

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    In case you were wondering where rto watch the big event online, here’s the skinny, thanks to Frenz. :D

  10. Super cool. You are the woman, Frenz.

    That’s 10:30 p.m. for me, four hours from now, and The Munchkin will be popped into his blanket to LA LA Land, and I’m off to New Zealand.

    Gotta love technology.

  11. You are AWESOME for posting this!!! Thank you! One of the Kiwis I follow on Twitter also retweeted this link for viewing:

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