You’ve Seen the Pictures, Now See Them Animated

Hobbit Cast Arriving in Wellington

And a picture just because I love it. :D

Click here for more photos of The Hobbit cast arriving in Wellington for the Premiere.

And more.

Candid photo courtesy of Air New Zealand.


  1. I drove poor Catclp crazy on Twitter last night pretending like I didn’t see RA in one of those other clips of the plane’s arrival. (Didn’t I, Cathy?) I don’t know what’s more fun — seeing this Hobbit thing finally coming to fruition or being naughty by yanking other fans’ chains.


    You guys are so much fun.

    And someone tell me again — who is the Aidan guy with the cute little nose? What show is he in? And who is the little guy in the blue shirt walking in front of RA in these clips? I have no idea who he is, either.


  2. Brilliant! A viewable link, thanks Frenz! Heidi, you’re joking right? Anyway that’s what IMdb is for :)

  3. Noooooooooooooooo. Not joking. O_O

    I never joke. I’m as innocent as that lamb on my Twitter avatar.

    Who is that cute little man???

  4. I did some research. I believe the guy walking next to RA is New Zealand actor Dean O’Gorman, who plays Fili in the movie.

  5. Yep, it’s Dean O’Gorman, and I’ve updated the piece with new links.

  6. Y’all.

    Just look at the smile on my avatar and take that as a non-verbal communication tool that you can’t get otherwise on the Internet … and always assume THAT I AM NOT BEING SERIOUS.

    Thank you, that is all.

    And the little Dean guy is cute, too. What show is he in?

    (KIDDING. Kidding.)

  7. I was reading some of it Heidi… you naughty woman you! LOL! Love that picture of him looking down and smiling. :D

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