So You Couldn’t Make It to The Hobbit Premiere…

No worries. Frenz is on the job. :D

iPad support courtesy of TheQueen.

Moral support @nancyjohnson1


  1. *Heidi taps fingers on coffee table*

    Come ON already! Post a photo, dammit!


  2. The news crew is gonna whup you if you don’t post something soon. :D

  3. Why isn’t this being live-streamed? AGH!!!

  4. It was cold, the wait painful & somewhat rewarding to note a new suit :)

  5. Reblogged this on Me + Richard Armitage and commented:
    Armitage in NYC at premiere, I guess!

  6. Thank you SO MUCH!!!! I wish I could hug you too, Richard. He did look fabulous! Was that his publicist with him or a date?

  7. I LOVE YOU FRENZ. Nice suit. :D

  8. Woo! Lovely! Thank you!

  9. Thanks for this. RA looking hot and stylish yet again!

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    Finally—a glimpse of RA on the red carpet in NYC!

  11. Thank you, Frenz and friends :D Hope you’re all having a wonderful time. Stay warm!

  12. I love love love you guys. Love love love.

  13. Thanxxx!!!

  14. The news crew is so NOT gonna whup you now. :D

  15. This is so great! Thanks for putting this video up for those of us who couldn’t be there.

  16. Neato. Did you tell him who you were???

  17. […] was in NYC and posted some videotape of Mr. Armitage exiting his car and meeting fans, here, before entering the premiere, I […]

  18. Wow, this is great.

  19. I think I’ve watched almost no video ever. I like this one. It is loaded with information. A gem. Right up there with @Mulubinba’s miss. Thank you.

  20. But what was the deal that had been made? I need to know…

    Thank you Frenz for being there and for filming and sharing this with us.

  21. Frenz. Who were you making “a deal” with???

    Did some crazy pants Pita people try to abscond your autographing opportunity?

    The reporter needs all of these questions answered. :-P

    I want the job of the chick who got to open the door of the car! How do you get a job like THAT? Do I need to dye my hair blond again? Dammit. All of those cool jobs are not in Kentucky.

  22. Awesome, Ms. L!! I just gotta say, we better get a premiere here in L.A. next year for part 2!!

  23. Thanks for sharing this! Congratulations!

  24. […] Kathllen, Janine, etc.–attended at the NYC premiere Red Carpet and  tweeted updates.  And they even captured video footage of Richard Armitage arriving and shared it [(2)].  Thanks!  They saved the […]

  25. @Berta: That was most certainly a handler/PR-person. A date would have been in the back of the car with him, but this lady was seated in the front and she handled the contact with fans and guided him inside, as far as I could tell. I really don’t expect to see a date (or a personal friend) on any Hobbit related event. Gossip would explode and he cannot want that.

  26. Thanks a lot RAFrenzy.

  27. So much fun! What a fantastic time had by all; )

  28. Heard the security guy say ‘you’ve already got one’ surely RA is allowed a litttle time to do some signings, i’d hate to see a time when he is rationed.

  29. Seems to me that some fans were neglecting their kick boxing classes at the gym.

    You guys could’ve DROP-KICKED those goons, and then everybody would’ve gotten 2 autographs apiece for little Johnny’s and little Suzy’s Christmas stockings.

    Next time, bring me along. I’ll show ’em! I’ll kick ’em to the curb and get autographs for everybody!

    Seriously, though.


  30. I was going to point out Aidan Turner, which I did and get an autograph on a hat for them, which I didn’t do. I gave the hat to another photographer who was very nice and someone had literally stolen his hat off his head.

  31. OH MY GOSH!

    Welcome to The Big Apple, ladies.

    You’re lucky that’s all they took. We lived there for a few years when I was a child, and if memory serves me correctly, my father went ballistic anytime someone looked at me cross-eyed.

    Sorry you had a bad experience, in all seriousness.

  32. […] That video gave me to think. I think part of my silence was responding to this sudden realization: “So, this is how it could be now.” Not so much the changed Armitage for public appearances — we’ve known for awhile that that was coming, and, I would argue, no matter how we react to it personally, it is necessary for his career. (And it’s not happening just now — it’s been happening over the last several months. We’re just seeing it now.) It’s rather the noise of shutters falling and the sight of flashes going off and people calling, “Richard, Richard, Richard!” It’s not Armitage that’s bugging me, but (for lack of a better word) the circus that has suddenly bloomed up around him. […]

  33. Thank you for capturing the moment when Richard puts his arm around me! It was a fun night…

  34. I coudn’t help but laugh when I heard Nancy give her commentary on the video. Looks like it was crazy, but I am glad you a great time.

    By the way, It was nice to finally meet you!!

  35. The deal was with signature gawkers NOT to push through from the back – I had shaken a real bad one off earlier in the evening, albeit with the help of a gent – the PITA people were there too, quietly in the back with their big signs.
    It was fun and exciting though to see all the dwarves & the tallest of them all.

  36. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! So *that’s* what happened? That was the “deal?”

    They probably do it with every red carpet event and know which areas of the crowd to select to “overpower,” you know what I’m saying? In other words, if you have a large crowd waiting for celebrities to show up and you are competing with them to get autographs so you can hawk it on the street, you’re going to choose the part of the crowd that has women who are tourists. They’ll be more polite and willing to “make deals” for you to stand there while you wait … and then they’ll be *barreled over* when you need to push through to get your stuff signed.

    Didn’t someone comment earlier that one of the security guards was fussing that RA could only sign one thing per person? It’s for that reason.

    It’s been a long time since I’ve been in NYC, but when my dad and I used to go down on Saturdays, there would be guys on the corners hawking everything from T-shirts to fake Rolex watches and fake designer handbags to the tourists … so these autograph hunters were probably in that little sub culture, and they would be as aggressive as possible to get things signed to sell it.

    That is so fascinating!

    So poor Frenz is there saying, “Guys, we had a deal,” and oh guess what … the guys are saying, “Sucker!”

    Among other stuff.

    Geez, I’m really sorry that happened, but that explains that little exchange in the video. And poor RA is there chuckling along signing things. Wonder if he was oblivious to it?

    This little sub plot behind a short video! This is a great story!

  37. Actually, they started to push forward, and when I said we had a deal, they moved back and let me get the video; otherwise, you would not have seen a thing on my video. So for me, they kept the bargain after my reminder, but others beside me did not fare so well, and I feel awful about that!

  38. It was the Southern accent, Frenz.

    It forced them to behave.


    Good job, girl. :-D

    Seriously, though, that is just a bad situation. Did you check your pockets afterwards, because you know there were some heavy duty pick pockets in that crowd, too.

    NYC is a wild place. It’s super fun, but as you already have seen, you have to keep your wits about you. Glad they backed off. You were very polite to them, by the way!

  39. Far from my first time in New York, and I have also lived there. I actually like the wild aspect. Perhaps I’m a masochist, but that’s honestly how I feel. I just hate that this spoiled the time of others.

  40. Perspective is everything, isn’t it?

    I still see NYC through the lens of a person who was always accompanied by my father when I visited. I love the city, but he was always telling me to be careful and be on my guard, etc.

    Then again, my parents were Salvation Army officers, so they were accustomed to seeing a lot of the worst, especially in NYC … and at the time we were there, 14th Street was really really bad … which is why you see the SA’s HQ there in the middle of it.

    I digress.

    I’m glad you used the “Southern iron-gloved approach” with the goons. It obviously worked.

    What a story, though!

  41. Glad you got to see him! Thanks for the vid.

  42. The bodyguard was trying to do his job to prevent the “professional” autograph guys from getting more autographs and to allow RA to sigh for his legit fans, not people who are trying to make a buck

  43. Let’s all give the bodyguard guy a big group hug.


    Otherwise poor Frenz’s face might have had an introduction to New York City concrete, and she would’ve been yelling, “Guys! We had a deal! We had a deal!” as she was being trampled by crazy autograph seeking pros.

    Seriously, the bodyguard guy gets a hats off from me. #fistbump

  44. Except there was no bodyguard guy. LOL! I’ll tell my experience in a post but not in the middle of all the fun people are having with the premiere.

  45. Whatever happened, no one got hurt. I’m thankful for that, and it could have been so different.

  46. Agreed! The bodyguard and hatted lady were both pros and I personally knew that they were keeping an eye on the rogues behind us who easily could have jettisoned us onto the street in order to secure an autograph. RA was gracious as ever to everyone gathered and we were so happy to have a moment to thank him in person : ) RAFrenzy, ever the good doobie, sacrificed her ‘moment’ in order to strike a deal so she could film this event for all of us to enjoy. Thanks, RAFrenzy! You are just a wonderful person! Hugs! Next time, I’ll hold the iPad and you do the color commentary : )

  47. Although I’m pretty sure I lost a pair of gloves in the process?

  48. Now I want my own bodyguard, dammit.

  49. Hey there RAFrenzy! Sorry I haven’t responded since the great event! Wonderful meeting with you and your clip is facinating to me as since we were standing practically in the same spot, it is exactly what I saw :) Yes, autograph hunters should be pummeled in the market place with a wet carp, but where was the market place? Thanks for the wonderful clip.

  50. WOW, thnx SOOO much for this!!! I was turning green w/ envy! I lived in NYC too (almost 4 yrs) & saw MANY actors (some famous, others not) just out & about.

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