When Life Gets Too Much, Take a Holiday

I’ve been busy which should be obvious; otherwise, I would have been here fangirling with the rest of you! Life does have a way of intruding. This week it came in with a vengeance, and in the wee hours of the night and the morning, I wrote about it. It would be a wonderful release to publish, but I’m not sure this is the place for it.

Nevertheless, I have plenty to publish for this blog, and those of you who have worked with me for the last few weeks know what I mean. I’m getting to it! But hang on while I throw a few other things at everyone today. I have SO’s review of The Hobbit, and I’ll intermingle mine with his. I have another post with thoughts on the New York premiere, which I wasn’t going to post, but I feel it needs to be said. Last (or maybe not :D), I have a post I’ve been sitting on since the day I started this blog. It may actually go up late tonight or very early tomorrow, which I realize is relative given many of you are not in the U.S. Whatever. It’s going up last and quite a few hours from now. And of course all of this is subject to change if I get a wild hair or we get a bombshell about Richard Armitage dropped on us. Just sayin’.

And I did not forget about SO’s Ode. He asked me not to publish it. The rat! He thinks it will offend, and although he’s not above being offensive on occasion, he doesn’t want to offend the Army. Don’t worry. I’m working on him. ;D

That’s all for now. I’ve got to head to church. Yes, I said church. Amazing that someone like me could darken the door of a church, but God has a sense of humor.


  1. Welcome back. :D

  2. Dear Frenz,
    I hope everything is okay with you. Looking forward to read whatever you find time to share with us! :)

  3. Rafrenzy: I am afraid you instilled anxiety in me.

  4. Anneke,

    Ohmygosh. LOL! i can’t imagine why. I’m not laughing at you but at the thought of instilling anxiety in anyone.

    BTW, I’ve had lousy internet at my house today. In fact, I’m about to change ISPs, and I’m so irritated I could spit. I’ve had this service for the last year, and it’s gone out on me several times. My previous service NEVER went out on me. Not once in 14 years. I’m going back to it. End of rant.


    Everything is going great. I think SO and I got one heck of a Christmas present, but we hate to get our hopes up. We’ll hopefully know something definitive soon.

    Thanks, Janine. :D

  5. I sometimes play a bit with words, use stronger word where a lighter would do.

    Anyway, what you wrote did sound, I don’t know, like not all the news may be great? Or perhaps I am overinterpreting.

    Anyway, share it and I will know.

  6. Things for me personally are going great. SO and I had a fantastic week, and my week before that with our girls in NY was wonderful. We are so PROUD of them!! Then to end these last two weeks with one of the worst public shootings to date was overwhelming. It really got us. I just couldn’t come back here until I had at least a day of silence about it.

    Not to go on and on about it, but I believe this incident has had a dramatic effect on the psyche of my countrymen on par with Columbine and 9/11.

  7. “And of course all of this is subject to change if I get a wild hair…”
    You’re just teasing me now, aren’t you? :}D

  8. Having dealt very personally with 9/11, my heart is heavy for all these children and their families as this grief is immense. God bless and keep them all.
    Wishing the very best Christmas gift to you and yours, Frenz! Wishing you all good things in the year ahead. Keep looking up ; )

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