A Thank You for Richard

A message from our friend, Janine:

I don’t do big, elaborate gestures.

It’s not me.

Which is why a couple of weeks ago I realized in the midst of the worldwide blitz for “The Hobbit” that all I wanted to say to Richard Armitage was “thank you.”

Eight letters. Two simple words. Overflowing with power and meaning.
The thought bounced around in my head and came to roost while I was on Twitter. After a little back and forth with a friend, what hatched was the idea that sending a flock of thank-you notes would be a lovely gesture from his admirers around the world.

Why? For me, who found this British actor in March of this year, it was because I admire him. And after watching the world premiere from Wellington and reading his thank you to his admirers, I liked him even more. It confirmed what I had felt in my heart about him: a thoughtful man who is cognizant of himself and believes in showing gratitude to the people who support him.

But it was also because I have been welcomed into the fold that is sweetly called the Armitage Army. I have been surprised by the worldwide following that this singular individual has rallied. Because of it, I have encountered people I never would have met otherwise, and the experience makes me grin.

It also makes me thankful.

This simple gesture to thank Richard is quite easy. What you say to him is your business. You can send your own card (nothing bigger than a letter-sized sheet of paper, please) or you can print out the one I built featuring the Hobbit hug from the movie.

You can seal up your letter so I can’t see it. Or not.

Details about what to do are over on my blog, with directions to get to the password-protected page that contains my mailing information.

Deadline to hit the mail is Monday, Dec. 31, 2012. I will be mailing the package out the week of January 7th, looking for stragglers if you let me know in advance.

As for postage, I have asked for a quarter or so if you can. Any money above the amount for postage will be given to one of Richard’s Just Giving charities.

I hope you join this little gesture for a nice guy who has brought us so much.

Thank you.

I’m game. :D


  1. I don’t just “Like” this, I “Love” this.

    #Fistbump to Janine. Thanks for doing this for us.

  2. Count me in! This awesome :)

  3. Thanks, Frenz, for helping make this a merry gathering. :D

  4. I put mine in the mail this morning. I had to use a big black magic marker to sign it. RA is going to think, “This person is either mentally unbalanced or is 5 years old.”

  5. Hahaha. Just tell yourself it was bold font for emphasis.

  6. I couldn’t find a pen or a pencil! Only magic markers! This is what happens when you live with a 9-year-old boy.

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