Can We Have a #1?

For those who don’t know it yet because you’re still not on Tumblr or Twitter, Richard Armitage just made #2 on IMDb’s StarMeter. screen capture 2012-12-26-16-6-36

Maybe that’s a not biggie for some actors, and yes, the likes of the Twilight stars have made #2 and even #1. But for our guy to do it when he is still almost a complete unknown in America is fantastic. Now he needs to reach #1. Yes, I’m greedy. Sue me. :D


  1. Who? ;)

  2. Being an Ardent and Avid Armitage Aficionado, I agree it would be awfully swell to see him hit the pinnacle. And a belated Merry Christmas to you, Frenz. This is great news!

  3. Some tall bloke. ;)

  4. Merry Christmas to you, Angie!! So deserved for him to hit this!

  5. Omigosh!!! (Just found out that “omigosh” is usually said by ditzy girls, and I’m long past being a girl!) I’m SO excited! Fantastic news. Thanks for sharing as I wouldn’t have known otherwise! You too are a star – not just Richard! :)

  6. This seemed unbelievable just 6 mos ago. And we were all ecstatic for 156 or whatever it was. But 2 (& eventually 1) is awesome. :D

  7. Best news I’ve had all day!! (It’s 1:53 am LOL) This is based on how many hits his profile has, right??

  8. Yes, it’s mostly based on his hits but on other things such as The Hobbit’s hits as well.

  9. He outdid Martin Freeman, who is also flowing on the Hobbit tide – that means something. Marting was #2 previous week.

  10. Good point, Anneke. Martin is now at #3.

  11. What is this Hardy bloke doing in #1, away with him.

  12. wow. :)

  13. Yeah! :)

  14. Outstanding news! Thanks for sharing!

  15. Wow! #2! I seem to have been saying it continuously, but I’m so proud of him. After seeing The Hobbit for the first time today it’s not surprising that people are taking notice of him. He is just superb as Thorin.

  16. I’ve been thinking about you all day Mezz and wondering if you had seen it! I’m so happy you made it and had the same reaction as I did. :D I saw it again tonight and I found I could concentrate much better on Thorin this time around! ;) As Peter Jackson said, your eyes are just drawn to him. *sigh*

    Like you I’m just bursting with pride at him being #2! He HAS to go to #1 soon. People are certainly sitting up and taking notice and I love it!! :D

  17. Yeah for RA! Just back from seeing The Hobbit and for the first time in years will be seeing a movie for a second time while it’s still in the theater.

  18. We all knew he’d make it…for the past 6 yrs. It was bound to happen to a guy with so much talent!

  19. There is no way he will get past Tom Hardy. Nolan/Batman fanboys rule IMDb and that is the reason Tom Hardy is #1 without being in a newly released movie.

  20. *does the happy dance for Richard*

    About time the rest of the world discovers his genius!

  21. Yep, it is! and I’m so glad it was a role like Thorin.

    Jane, something would be wrong if you didn’t come with a comment like that. LOL! But you know what, he’ll make it to #1. Maybe it won’t happen this week or this month or maybe even this next year, but it will happen for the simple fact that he’s a winner, a class act, and it will become apparent to many more if he keeps acting.

  22. Ahh, Teuchter, thank you for that. I love you too. :)

  23. Triple yay for Richard, but also doing the happy dance because the top three are British actors! Well done, lads!

  24. I think this is the American societal equivalent of everybody “looking back” at him.


    #fistbump to RA.

  25. Who is this ” smug man…”?

  26. Catch Richard on the far left with a champagne flute in his hand; starts about 10 seconds in:

  27. Oh..thank you Frenz!:* I’ve never seen this before!……..just kidding:)

  28. Any excuse to put up a video of Richard. ;D

  29. ” say no more, say no more” ;D

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