Happy New Year!

2012 was quite a ride for Richard Armitage. Too much happened to recap it! Not even going to try especially when there are so many others who have done such a marvelous job of it, and if you don’t want a recap and just want to immerse yourself in information and photos about Richard Armitage, try Places to Get a Fix or The Addict List.

As for me, I’m taking a day off and celebrating! I may go skiing, and I may go see The Hobbit again. It occurred to me I was tense about SO‘s take on the movie and couldn’t really enjoy it like I wanted. So back to the movies without him. Until then, I’ll be outside.

And now a word or two to our guy:


I hope you can take the day off. It’s lovely weather for skiing somewhere, and you’ve got the funds to go where you would like. Yes, I realize you know that, but with someone like you, a reminder may be in order.

If you take it into your head to grace our slopes in the U.S., there are plenty of great places. I’m not even going to mention my area although it’s great too!

Wherever you go, I hope you can get outside. That’s where I’m headed. I adore being outside, and I don’t mind saying it’s days like today that make me want to pinch myself because I live where I do.

Hope you have a great day and don’t break a leg. :D

One of your crazy fans, who wishes she could do this:

P.S. If you missed it, check out my other letter about skiing. I’ll be back tomorrow to give you a hard time with my speculation about what you’re doing. :D


  1. Happyr New Year, dear RF!

    Winter scenes do NOT thrill moi. We live with the d*** effects. Can I print damn etc here? Let’s see… :no worries, I don’t do F…D

    A wonderful year and a half for for Mr. A indeed. Let us see how he handles it. So far, so good.

  2. Truthfully, I’m going snowshoeing. The area around my house is wonderful, and I need to get out and look it today! Just about to leave — I hope!

    Have a wonderful New Year, Fitz!. :)

  3. Just back from a morning of snow shoeing. Great way to great the New Year. Happy New Year to all, to think that this time last year I didn’t even know who RA was now I’m addicted:)

  4. Great way to greet the New Year! LOL, fingers are still frozen:)

  5. Happy New Year. Personally, I’m glad to be in Texas without a lot of snow.

  6. […] RAFrenzy threatened she was going to see it again, but I don’t know what happened. […]

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