Some Blue Eyes With That Snow?

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Yeah, this was a winner. I’ve gotten a bit of email and messages with lots of swooning over the gorgeous blue eyes and the stubble.

Frankly, if you saw that coming at you on the slopes, you would probably wind up in the hospital. But would you care? :D

note: click the photo for Richard’s New Year’s message on Twitter.

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Happy New Year!

2012 was quite a ride for Richard Armitage. Too much happened to recap it! Not even going to try especially when there are so many others who have done such a marvelous job of it, and if you don’t want a recap and just want to immerse yourself in information and photos about Richard Armitage, try Places to Get a Fix or The Addict List.

As for me, I’m taking a day off and celebrating! I may go skiing, and I may go see The Hobbit again. It occurred to me I was tense about SO‘s take on the movie and couldn’t really enjoy it like I wanted. So back to the movies without him. Until then, I’ll be outside.

And now a word or two to our guy:


I hope you can take the day off. It’s lovely weather for skiing somewhere, and you’ve got the funds to go where you would like. Yes, I realize you know that, but with someone like you, a reminder may be in order.

If you take it into your head to grace our slopes in the U.S., there are plenty of great places. I’m not even going to mention my area although it’s great too!

Wherever you go, I hope you can get outside. That’s where I’m headed. I adore being outside, and I don’t mind saying it’s days like today that make me want to pinch myself because I live where I do.

Hope you have a great day and don’t break a leg. :D

One of your crazy fans, who wishes she could do this:

P.S. If you missed it, check out my other letter about skiing. I’ll be back tomorrow to give you a hard time with my speculation about what you’re doing. :D

Meeting Richard

Tammi, my close friend whom I’ve talked about on blog here and here (with her permission, and yes, that’s her real name although I gave her the option of a fake name, and she said run with the original. phew), has said to me several times recently, “Wouldn’t it be great if you met Richard Armitage?!” My feeling about it is, no, it probably wouldn’t. This occurred to me when Heather was sharing her experience. Don’t get me wrong. I am glad for Heather; it felt like my child making good on something. How wonderful for her to realize a dream of five years! But my dream is far different.

I would want a chat with him that would last at least a few weeks non-stop. But my real fantasy (yes, I’m admitting to a fantasy about Richard Armitage) is him sitting in my den discussing various subjects with SO and with me as spectator. Two interesting men having wonderful discussions about topics that fascinate me? Umm, I might get lightheaded if I think about it for long. RA is so intriguing, but honestly, after knowing SO for more than two decades, he’s still an enigma to me, and what I really love about him (among many other things) is his ability to bring out the interesting in others. Can you imagine RA being more interesting? It could happen if he were to sit with SO, who could get at what RA thinks and what he likes, and I would marvel at what RA would willingly reveal in the discussion, and I don’t mean any sordid details but rather something probably to do with his view of the world and what he would love to see and how he thinks art reflects that or should and thinking more outside the box than even he is accustomed to doing. I’m always amazed at how SO can evoke this from others, and they love him for it. Maybe because they usually feel hopeful after a discussion with him.

And since my den and kitchen sort of make up one giant room, I would get to cook all the foods I think RA would love and I know SO loves while I listen to them plumbing the mysteries of the universe and creating new ones. Some chicken flautas with sour cream and guacamole, rice and beans and definitely some hand made flour tortillas cooked on my cast iron griddle to complement. Grilled shrimp, asparagus on the side and some homemade yeast rolls. Smothered steak with mashed potatoes and steamed, whole green beans with a little butter and garlic, and maybe some bread pudding with brandy (recipe from the Southern Living cookbook). Yeah, I can see myself cooking away while savoring their conversation. This would be heaven. And now that Tammi is coming along nicely as an RA Addict, I might invite her to help me cook. :D

Maybe when the discussion lulls, we could take RA to our local ski “hill” and let him schuss and slalom with some of the world class athletes who frequent the slopes around here. We might even get him to take on the ski jump — at night when it really gets fun.

But an actual meeting with him wouldn’t be like Heather’s where she had something to discuss with him. Mine would consist of manifesting a gibbering idiot while trying to get out the terribly original, “Oh, I love your work.” Nope, that wouldn’t be satisfying at all, and frankly, I would feel like a ditz while it was happening and later. Yes, I’m proud, and if I’m going to even think about meeting RA, it’s going to be one heck of a fantasy.

However, if I ever get anywhere near him in the flesh, I’ll just settle for ogling him from a distance close enough to assess the condition of his skin. :D

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Where in the World is Richard?

I read Maria Grazia’s post which talks about the coming dearth of things RA, and she mentioned he’s somewhere in New Zealand getting ready for the filming of ‘The Hobbit.’ Hmmm. I wonder. I realize some cast members have already headed there, but if RA is a creature of habit, which he more or less keeps telling us he is, I think he’s possibly in Europe getting in a little slope time before he reports for Dwarf Camp. Unfortunately, February is probably the best month to ski in Europe as the conditions are usually warm enough for making snow regularly and cold enough to maintain a nice pack, but maybe he can get in a little skiing at the end of January.

Or maybe the skiing that RA talks about is just something innocuous to discuss during interviews? A bone for his fans? I don’t believe that. I live in ski country and know how addictive it can be. It has a thrill unlike anything else, and if you’re skiing in a place that has lots of powder, oh man! phew! indescribable.

But the control freak in me demands this fake fan letter:

Dear Rich,

I hope you are enjoying the skiing, and if you ever made it to my part of the world, you would have to bring a pair of fatties for all of this powder.

Oh, yeah, I know the age old argument of hardpack vs. packed powder, but most people who experience packed powder, and especially champagne powder, never want to go back to that crap that is hardpack. Some skiers I know think it’s better than sex. I’m not sure I agree with that, but then I don’t get to the steeps too often. Like never.

Nearly twisting my foot off the end of my leg, and now having an ankle that looks something like this is probably the reason. LOL! Let me put it this way. My knee was straight, and my foot was pointing left between a 45° and 90° angle. I’m not kidding (picture me with my tongue hanging out). They gave me laughing gas in the ambulance, but I never did laugh. LOL! So glad I can laugh now ’cause it was more painful than natural childbirth. The end result is I haven’t been downhill skiing in awhile. I stick to cross country skiing, which has enough challenges, but there are no thrills like downhill. It’s just sheer, cussed work.

The first time I did cross country after my accident, I fell over halfway through the track. A friend of mine, who is an avid skate skier, came skidding to a halt near me, and offered to help me up. I just whimpered and said, “No…no, I need to wallow here for a bit.” Eventually I stood up, and things got easier each time after that, but it was one of the hardest things I’ve ever forced myself to do! So whenever I think of you skiing, I say a little prayer for you, my friend. I hope you never have to endure rehab.

The Gimp (aka One of your crazy fans)

Picture courtesy of my garbled imagination, Faceinhole and psst! a Photobucket picture that belongs to God knows who. You can blame Nat and Phylly for “inspiring” me. :D

edit: I was wrong about Richard’s whereabouts, but it’s always fun to speculate.

Happy Birthday, RA

Not sure if this is a fake fan letter, but it’s sincere whatever it is.

Dear Richard,

I’m taking the day off and hope you are doing the same.

I wish you happy on your birthday, and I’ll be back with snark tomorrow or the next day.

Until then, a couple of videos for you to enjoy, and I thought the second one was interesting where TJ Schiller talks about doing a little bit of work on a trampoline, foolin’ around a bit, and just imagining himself skiing like a pro, and voila, he became a pro. Not quite sure I believe that, but it’s nice to imagine. So maybe a tramp purchase is in order?

Take care,

One of Your Crazy Fans