“Getting Down to Business”

Yep, Todd Garner is doing some business on our heads.

Bring it, Todd. I love it!

I know we have all been inhaling The Hobbit as often as sanity will allow, but is anyone ready to see Richard Armitage’s next piece? Feel free to gush.

Note: this post is for all of you who are still not on Twitter. You need to know that not everything interesting going on there becomes a post in RA universe, so what are you waiting for? The idea that it’s mindless? Or it’s intimidating? Some of it is mindless but surprisingly there is a lot that’s not. And if you never tackled something intimidating, think how bored you would be. Plus, there are several of us who are very willing to help you get acclimated.


  1. I am ready although I’ve only been able to see The Hobbit one time. ONE TIME. You heard me right. Sad, but true. When you live in the boonies, you’re thankful to have seen it once. On opening day even.

    Bring it on Todd Garner!!!!! :D

  2. Many thanks for sharing this with those who don’t “tweet”!! :)

    I’ve have actually seen TH three times – twice in the HFR format and once in IMAX 3D which I did not like – (I mean that type of 3D, not that I didn’t like the movie!) I actually still hope to see it in 2D. Come on!! When Richard is so magnificent in it??

    Even with all of that I’m longing to see Black Sky. After all the prosthetics, the big muscle suit and the heavy costumes (majestic as he looked) I just want to watch him “in the flesh” as it were. I’m just thrilled at the idea of seeing him on the big screen again – and as a Dad! :D

  3. I’ve seen “The Hobbit” 5 times (3 times in 3D, 1 time in 3D HFR and 1 time in 2D, always in English. I had the choice to watch them in French or original version, but I choose English), and not only because of Richard, I loved what Peter Jackson has done with the story. :-)

    I planned to see it a 6 time Saturday with a friend, before the movie is no more at the cinemas. ;-)

    I hope that we can soon see “Black sky” at the cinemas. :-)

  4. Ooo… concerned-looking wet Richard!

  5. Yummm! ;)

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