The Hobbit: Unexpected Journey — The Modern Trailer

Maybe you’ve seen this unique take, but I hadn’t until today.

I can dig it. Especially Porter cum Thorin.

I’m having a flashback of Porter concealing a weapon and wondering how Thorin could do that. LOL!!

Please, please, please someone knock me silly. See how my mind works — sometimes. That’s why I try to exercise all sorts of discretion. I have not been successful today. :D

Please no crude comments. Please.


  1. A post like this and no crude remarks? I can do that! Wait, no I can’t. Nevermind. Sigh. ;)

  2. Well, the Hobbit helped me discover Martin Freeman. I mean I saw him in a number of films not noticing him, if you know what I mean. Now I know that he played the porn star in Love Actually, e.g.

  3. Love it!

    No crude comments but you might want to back away from the keyboard for a while:)

  4. LOL dont go there!! Thorin could hide that pocketknife in his hair though
    Good find, I certainly hadn’t seen it & only recently came upon Thilbo/Bagginshield vids ..

  5. Darn-my iPhone won’t let me pull this up, so I hope I’m catching the gist of this. I don’t know–the Oakenshield was pretty big but I couldn’t see it for most of the film. Yeah, in the official sculpture, it was under his cloak off to Thorin’s left hand side, or at least that’s what WETA wants us to think. Had to keep it family friendly you know. But we know better–some people have “special talents” when it comes to concealment. And since Dwarves aren’t human, who knows what they are capable of? 😉

  6. this was great! i shall keep my crude comments to myself :-) great site by the way – just discovered it!! Its funny, i was just watching robin hood last night and was pausing(and sighing over) the very picture that you have on the top of the page!

  7. Maybe the concealed weapon explains why Thorin is so darned grumpy!

    I love this. Whoever put it together is a genius.

    And you are a genius for finding it Frenz!

  8. I’m glad everyone likes this, and you all are exercising some decorum. I probably don’t deserve that but appreciate it anyway. LOL!

    And I cannot take credit for finding this. It was either in the Twitter timeline or the tumblr timeline. I bookmarked it and came back to it later. I didn’t think it would be any big thing at all, and now I can’t remember where I saw it and didn’t have time yesterday to figure it out. So much for genius. :But I appreciate the thought however fleeting. :D

  9. Woooow !!! That’s excellent, I love this modern trailer, it’s great and very funny. :-)

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