I’m not completely out of The Hobbit mode yet, but I am getting really curious about Black Sky and its cast. Instead of just keeping a bookmark file as I usually do, I decided to keep the information I find on a Pinterest board. I’ve also invited some of the other fan bases to participate. Of course I and some other Richard Armitage fans might seem scary. Hopefully, these other fans are brave. And btw, I’ll admit to being crazy but not scary. LOL! No, that wasn’t a maniacal laugh. :D

In the meantime, I found this screencap of Max Deacon and Nathan Kress gushing about Richard Armitage on Twitter. Yeah, I can handle some gushing.


It’s my understanding Max will play Donnie, son of Gary Morris, and Nathan Kress will play Trey, also son of Gary Morris. That could be wrong about the names, but obviously not wrong about the papa.

Why do I have this strange notion that before this is all over, I’m going to be gushing about these kids. Yeah, I said kids! ;P

And for those who were trying to help me find fan sites on some of these guys, I may have found an enclave of fans under my nose. Just looked at my daughter’s Facebook page and some of her friend’s pages. Phew!

Screencap courtesy of NothingButNathanKress

note: for all of you not on Twitter, it’s a lot of fun. Don’t count on me or others to always bring you these things. Just sayin’.


  1. LOL I love it that the “kids” are tweeting about their bad-arse “papa” now! See, it’s not just us who feel that swell of pride! :D

  2. LOL!! I howled when I saw that conversation.

  3. Wait. Should I say words like howled? It might scare off the other fans. ;-)

  4. That is so cute. Have you seen this comment from Nathan on working with Richard?

    Poor boy :-)

  5. I did! But thanks for putting up the link! No one does yelling like Richard Armitage. :D

  6. Richard has a way of making us all fans, doesn’t he, including his co-workers. :D

  7. I *love* that – I reblogged it for my daughter Kate who is the same age as Nathan and watched him in iCarly. I will make her a true crazed fan yet. I so enjoy how the term “baller” has a totally different meaning to teens ;)

  8. Hi RAFrenzy! (This is my second attempt…hopefully there isn’t a delay in posts appearing! :) ) I think that comment by Nathan is so adorable! I also saw a youtube video in which Nathan commented that RA was a nice guy and that his (RA’s) deep voice actually frightened him a bit during scenes when Richard was yelling at/to him, which happened often…like a true papa!! :)

  9. Hello! Glad to “see” you. The first time someone makes a comment, it has to be approved. That’s why yours didn’t show up immediately. I’m really impressed with Nathan Kress. What an individual of integrity.

  10. […] Frenz points to Nathan Kress gushing on Twitter about Armitage as father. […]

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