Love Ya, Richard

Has Richard Armitage arrived now that he’s been parodied on Saturday Night Live? Could be, but whatever the case, this skit is brilliant. Yeah, I said brilliant. I’m using it the way the Brits use it — referring to something cool or wonderful. You Brits, feel free to school me on its connotations.

But watch this first:

It doesn’t matter if you’ve already seen it. Watch it again. It gets funnier unless you’re a Peter Jackson fan who takes himself/herself too seriously. There are a few of those around, but thankfully, they’re in the minority.

And yes, I really do love Richard Armitage even though I am a conflicted fangirl. In case you don’t know that, I have a few posts lying around to prove it. Got one coming up soon that’s a doozy. :D


  1. As you said: absolutely brilliant! (Thank the stars it’s a spoof, I’d be in my mid-70’s if they played out!)

  2. oh god, I can’t stop laughing :’D this is absolutely hilarious, thanks for sharing it :’D

  3. I saw this earlier and have been cracking up ever since. I LOVE IT! The hobbit is hilarious, Thorin is a moody riot and Bombur’s hair is killing me!

    The Apple maps bit was a hoot and the construction of an IKEA piece was sublime. The titles were instant classics.

    Brilliant, yes. Thank you, Britain.

    I wish SNL could be this funny all the time …

  4. :D..instructions from IKEA?…what for?!…Richie is there! :D

  5. I’m with Joanna on this. Richard is a DIY expert, a handyman! Oh, would I LOVE to see him play one in a movie! hahahaha (No, I’m not saying he should do porn, okay?!)

    Thank for posting the video. I had not seeing it yet!

  6. *raises hand* hmmmm, hello, I have some IKEA furniture that needs to be put together, Richard. If you want to pop by wearing the Thorin costume, that’s even better…
    LOL! Loved the video, although I’m not sure I can afford so many films.

  7. The Apple Maps gag was a doozy. Just curious.. conflicted in what way?

  8. If you get parodied it means you’re important. They wouldn’t be wasting their craft and creativity in SNL just for anybody.

    I would love to know what he thinks about it.

  9. “Am I yelling?” LOL

  10. I thought it was hilarious!

  11. Why are you conflicted? We are waiting.

  12. I have several posts that talk about why I’m conflicted. LOL! This one still captures some of my feelings on it:

    Maybe that will hold you until I can put up the next one. :D

  13. HAHA! Love it!

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