And You’re Wondering How to Think About Twitter

Most people I talk to about Twitter are not sure how to think of it. Eagled-Eyed Editor has made a marvelous post explaining it in terms so apt, I chuckled while I was reading:

"You talking to me? Are you tweeting ME?" Dove image courtesy of dzz, Morguefile.

“You talking to me? Are you tweeting ME?” Dove image courtesy of dzz, Morguefile.

I’ve been on Twitter for a considerable time now and I’m enjoying the fact that more and more people are talking to me. At first, it seemed like Twitter was just a giant firehose, spraying thoughts from people all over the world. One friend of mine has compared it to the world’s biggest tea party, with conversations going on in various spaces.

But in a way, Twitter is also like blogging: you have to give to receive. The more I respond to other people’s tweets or send tweets to them, the more likely they are to say something in return.

I like to imagine that Twitter users fall into different bird categories:

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If you’re not that interested in learning about Twitter, check out her blog anyway. It’s a good one!

And I have not forgotten the Twitter posts I promised. :D


  1. I reckon that most of the people I tweet with are Doves, as am I :) Love Twitter – it has brightened my life considerably!

  2. Thanks for the link, Frenz. A very good blog – have subscribed. I commented that I might be the ugly duckling, feet paddling furiously, no idea how to do it and wishing I was like everyone else!

  3. Twitter takes a bit of time to get used to. It’s very fast moving, so sometimes your tweets can get lost in the timeline, but it’s natural. Many people, including me, gave it a try, didn’t enjoy it that much, came back and loved it :)
    What I like about twitter is that no matter what time it is here, there’s always someone on some part of the globe getting up or just about to go to bed. I agree, it is like a 24h tea party with tons of chatty people, all limited by 140 characters :)

  4. Aw, thanks for the reblog, Frenz. I’m glad I gave you a good laugh!

    I love AgzyM’s comment about giving it a try, going away and coming back again. That was my experience as well. I sent out some tentative tweets, nobody responded and I thought, “Okay, what’s happening?” And once I realized that I should comment on others’ tweets and follow like-minded people, that’s when more communication started.

  5. this was a great post and so true! Ive been on twitter for about a year but kind of fell out of love with it for awhile – just started getting back into it again (new years resolution!) and its true, the more you tweet and retweet the more followers you get (i now have 11 whoot!)

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