I Really Did Have a Richard Armitage Dream

And now for something weird.

The other night I slept 16 hours when normally I sleep six at most. This may account for Richard showing up in my dreams for the first time.

I was sitting in the back of a large, black SUV and a man was sitting beside me. We were both dressed in black slacks and black turtle neck sweaters and talking about some project we were working on. No specifics on that; just that we were making preparations to continue with it. A few moments later someone walked up to my side of the vehicle, and I partially rolled down the window to see who it was. It was Richard Armitage, and he was also dressed all in black with some sort of black cap on his head. He peered into the window and said very slowly, “There you are.” Then he pulled a black ski mask over his face and just stared at me through the eye slits for an inordinately long time. Eventually I looked straight ahead and said, “You’re unnerving me.”

Then it was onto the next dream where I was a prisoner in a concentration camp and there was lice all around. I woke up with an itchy scalp.

Let the psychoanalysis begin. :D


  1. Hmm. The ending makes this hard to “like”.

  2. That’s pretty wild.

    That’s all I’m saying – don’t want a masked man in my dream just yet :)

  3. He is standing right there and all you manage to say is, “You’re unnerving me”?

    Next time: “You’re unnerving me, Richard.”

    What can I say, it’s a nice verb choice.


    Not going to touch the last part. For obvious reasons.

  4. Sorry Frenz! You finally dream about RA and this is what you get? I’m trying to be sympathetic but your “Let the psychoanalysis begin” had me ROFL!!
    I’ll give it a stab, but it’s pretty wild – even for me! All I can think of is perhaps you are putting yourself in his place and wondering if this is how he feels about all this new attention. Does it unnerve him? Does he feel like he has to disguise himself? Is it so concentrated that he feels imprisoned and that really bugs him?
    That’s all I’ve got.

  5. Hmmmm you lucked out a bit there on that dream- I’ve had a couple of Richard dreams and they have been much more…er…shall we say playful for want of a better word! Not going to attempt a psychoanalysis, I shall cross my fingers for you that you have a better one next time!

  6. Yikes! Sorry you had such a disturbing dream. It certainly is not the kind of encounter any of us would like to have with Richard or anybody else for that matter. I agree with phylly3 on the possible interpretation; it’s very plausible and quite logical, considering the recent changes in Richard’s life. I hope the next time he appears in your dreams is under more pleasant circumstances!

  7. Maybe your subconscious is giving you a preview of RA’s next movie? Hmmmmm……

  8. That would be the one where he gets to shave his head.

  9. .. and replace Jason Statham in these action flicks.

    Or is he another spy?

  10. I think of him as a cat burglar, but then so were I and the other man.

  11. Had to think of this picture which was in the news yesterday, caught in the act.. http://www.telegraaf.nl/binnenland/21256539/__Kunstrover_op_foto_vastgelegd__.html

  12. Wow. LOL!

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