A Question to Readers

This blog is now almost three years old, and there is so much I have posted about and seen in the process that I sometimes forget some of you haven’t seen the same things. In that interest, I have a question for you. Should I post more pictures or is my writing enough? Okay, that’s a tough question since to answer you may feel you’re insulting me. But I’m fairly thick-skinned and can handle constructive criticism. So let me know what you think. Just know that I don’t want this place to become mostly a picture gallery (you can go to tumblr or Pinterest for that LOL!) although I do love me some pictures of Richard Armitage. :D

Richard, Fault Magazine, January 2013 (as always, click for a larger format)

Photo courtesy of RichardArmitageCentral


  1. How can ANY of us complain about gratuitous pictures of Richard Armitage? I come here mostly for the writing, though!

  2. I have loved your blog since I first discovered it about 2 years ago. I think you should go with your own gut feeling here, whatever that might be.

    For me personally….I enjoy seeing new pics of Richard Armitage no matter who posts them and I know where to go to get the lastest ones, so I don’t feel the need to see them posted here if that’s the way you eventually decide to go with this blog.

    Be assured, I will continue to read your writing..if you wish to continue doing so.

  3. Why would you post a picture unless it illustrated your meaning? Let your instinct guide you. No worries :)

  4. I have just found this site recently so I’m enjoying all of it. I love your writing and being able to see the latest pics as well,so I vote to keep it as is,but it is your decision as to what time you want/can invest in it. I appreciate all that you do so we can enjoy RA together.What ever you decide – No Worries.

  5. Your RA related blog is one of the few I still follow. For a while I attempted reading as many as possible but couldn’t deal w/ the ones that seemed to come from Planet Richard Armitage Obsessed. I like your writing from the level ground on which you seem to be planted. Keep it coming. And a nice pic is always a bonus.

  6. I would stick with the writing. Your blog stands out from the rest because you’re grounded and level headed.

    Honestly, I could care less about seeing the latest pictures of Mr. Armitage. I read your blog because you make me laugh. However, if you’re writing a post and if posting a picture helps you convey the message clearly, then I’d say go for it!

  7. Pictures are nice but the writing interests me the most.

  8. Pictures are everywhere. I come here to see what you have to say. It’s nice to see a photo or two w/ the words on any blog, but that’s not the main reason I visit yours.

  9. I love your blog, love your writing and it’s not the image what has appeal to me in the first time! congrats on the hard work you’ve done and thanks for sharing it!

  10. im very new to this blog and i really enjoy reading it – and always happy to see pictures of the delicious RA too. i think if you are on to a good thing why change it?

  11. Anybody can post a picture. Ask me how I know. Cause if I can, anyone can. You…well, you know. The writing obviously is what grabs us. And the comfy atmosphere plus the goofiness. Right up my alley. :D

    “Planet Richard Armitage Obsessed”…too funny!

  12. I’m a words gal. Keep writing. The more words the better. A picture now and then is nice, too, but not necessary.

  13. FITZG-EEE, on Jan.27, said it all.

  14. As a new recuit, please keep writing and posting, especially new photos like the one above from FAULT. Right now it seems like any new news on RA is drying up so anything we can get is very welcome. Thank you!

  15. I like the way you post in your blog, even if I don’t have always the time to read all and post a comment everytime. :-)

  16. I very much appreciate the comments and the email. I think I’ll just keep going as I have. My only wish is that I had the time to post every day, but I seriously doubt that’s going to happen, and if it does, that means I don’t have enough work to keep my income up. There’s a little slice of my life if you will. LOL!

  17. You are in the top ten of my favorite blogs,Frenz (not all of them are about Mr.Armitage, do you belive?)
    ….*click*…oh God!…*sigh*…I’m drowning

  18. I twittered this to you morning but I am still so excited that I had to repeat myself. I was walking through Costco yesterday in Memphis, TN and in the DVD sesction, right in the very front, is Elizabeth Gaskell’s 3-DVD set for $21.99. with RIchard Armitage right there the front! I started shaking I was so excited. My husband thought I has having seizure. When I told him why I was so happy, he said, “are you going to buy another one?” (I have purchased 3 from Amazon for my sisters) Anyway, we are talking Memphis here, not London. Very few people I know have read any Elizabeth Gaskell. My guess is the selling point is RA.

  19. I missed that! I will have to retweet.

  20. I’m tempted to send you some money to get me some of these.

  21. louie9876, you are very, very close to becoming a full-fledged Army member. Here’s the deal…you need 4 copies in your posession.

    One for yourself to watch whenever the urge hits.
    One to lend out to those poor souls who have not seen N&S yet.
    One for backup
    One to backup the backup.

    I am serious. Do not delay. Altho you have fulfilled more than the normal quota for N&S persuasion in your 3 sisters, we need to know…are they now RA fans? Curious minds you know.

  22. I am very touched by the kind words I’ve received on this blog piece. Joanna! what a compliment!

    I hope if someone is wanting to write that you realize from my reaction how great it is to get encouragement from people whom you don’t know and have no vested interest in giving you feedback.

    Ditto what TheQueen said.

  23. Personally I love your writing but also pictures of Richard! I can never, ever, see too many of those! ;) You have one of my most favourite blogs and I read them diligently even if I don’t always comment! So please – keep up the good work, and if there happened to be a picture of Mr A to accompany what you have written, I for one would NEVER complain! :D

    To The Queen just let me say this; you are spot on regarding the need for extra copies of DVD’s. I found this to my cost when I loaned out my Robin Hood ones and had to suffer anxiety and withdrawal symptoms until they were returned. :) I now own two box sets and will never let the second out of my sight. I have 4 copies of N&S and only the other day ordered second copies of Spooks/MI-5 series 7 and 8 (not so worried about S9 as I doubt if many want to watch that) as well as a second copy of The Impressionists. I loaned the latter to a dear friend some months back and she hasn’t had a chance to watch it yet! :( I haven’t the heart to demand it be returned as she leads a much busier life than I do and she is a very sweet lady. I didn’t lend it with a view to “converting” her into a RA admirer, but if that were to happen it will have been worth the sacrifice! ;)

  24. I come for point of view, but a picture is nice too. It is your blog and you must do what is best for you.

  25. I love your blog, and I love reading your writings! Keep up the great work! :) Your blog is one of my favorites on WordPress.

  26. Frankly (ha!) I think that your combo of mostly writing + throwing in a nice pic here and there is perfect. To me, all words and no eye candy can get boring, but then again, I’m a very visual person.

  27. Thank you all so much for being so encouraging. You are teaching me to do more of that for others!

    So my take on all of this is that I should try not to have too many posts without a picture! That shouldn’t be too much of a hardship. :D

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