A Question to Readers

This blog is now almost three years old, and there is so much I have posted about and seen in the process that I sometimes forget some of you haven’t seen the same things. In that interest, I have a question for you. Should I post more pictures or is my writing enough? Okay, that’s a tough question since to answer you may feel you’re insulting me. But I’m fairly thick-skinned and can handle constructive criticism. So let me know what you think. Just know that I don’t want this place to become mostly a picture gallery (you can go to tumblr or Pinterest for that LOL!) although I do love me some pictures of Richard Armitage. :D

Richard, Fault Magazine, January 2013 (as always, click for a larger format)

Photo courtesy of RichardArmitageCentral

Are You Ready?

I’m talking to all of you budding geeks who have been recently schooled by bccmee. :D Here’s your chance to make some awesome screencaps and gifs. The short videos in HD from the Project Magazine shoot, which was previously available only on iPad, are up. Three so far.





Look forward to seeing what some of you have, and a hearty thanks to bccmee. She’s a great teacher.