Finding Richard III

The news is in that yes, the bones found under the public housing parking lot in Leicester are indeed those of Richard III. Any of you following along should have expected this. When the news of a televised special about the King was announced, it seemed obvious the finding would go only one way; otherwise, the parties involved could have been setting themselves up for a Geraldo Rivera moment.

Where does all of this find us? If you have an affinity for history, this has to whet your appetite for more. I know it does mine. But as a Richard Armitage fan, I find myself wondering about Philippa Langley. I’m intensely curious about her. According to reports I’ve read, she has written a play about Richard III and now would like to mount a drama about him that may involve Richard Armitage. I would love to know much more about her as a writer and in particular a screenwriter.

Richard III Search Remains
Philippa Langley at the Richard III dig in Leicester

After the Richard III Special is done today, I’m going to tune in to a live Q&A with her and Professor Lin Foxhall, Head of the School of Archaeology and Ancient History at the University of Leicester. I’m not sure how much I will learn about Ms. Langley’s writing, but my curiosity will ensure I’m listening to every word she says and hoping the format is conducive to asking some questions about the possible drama. I hope you will be listening as well, and if you have any questions about how to do that, please let me know.


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  2. I’m interested in her “screenwriter” creds too. In Hollywood everyone says they are a screenwriter (in my building I can count at least five people with screenplays) but only 1% (yes that small) ever sell a script written for TV or Film and of those, only about half ever go into production. So I admit I giggle everytime I see her listed as “screenwriter” because I’ve yet to find listings of any writing work she’s done previously. {Understand, in no way am I dissing her or her writing skills, having never read her work, I’m just wondering about the job title}

  3. I agree with you! And I hope it’s clear that I’m not dissing her either. I’m just curious as I usually am. :D

  4. Still think she may have jumped the gun, but again, I am not savvy about how these things are done.

  5. I share the “worries” about her ability to actually produce a script that could be made into a money-making movie. Besides, more research into the history of Richard III (non-tudor history!) is needed before a play or movie could be made that would possibly change the view of who Richard III really was.

  6. If I remember correctly, RA mentioned that they had a script almost completed on the project — though no real interest in the project in terms of production. So my concern is that I somehow doubt he’d suddenly abandon the script he and his friend (not sure he ever identified the person) were working on and have spent a few years on… I suspect that there will be interest in the project now.

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