Richard Armitage Community Pinterest Deleted

The board that many of us were using at Celebrity Expose is now gone and the pins along with it. I’ve started another one here. Please let me know if you want to participate. Even if I leave the fandom, which I don’t plan on doing, but if I did, I would make sure this stays. So won’t you join me? And maybe it’s better the board is not associated with something as massive as the other board. Me thinks they probably got in legal trouble and that’s why they went away. It’s doubtful this will happen to us.


  1. Count me in Frenz!

  2. Some celeb probably squawked about their privacy to their lawyer.

  3. Done, Lanie, and I think you’re right, Catherine. LOL!

  4. Hey, works for me!

  5. Does that mean, “Please send me an invite” ?? :D

  6. An excuse to pin more Richard Armitage? Well twist my arm! ;)

  7. I wasn’t even on or familiar with the pinterest board–do you have to be invited to join?

  8. Consider it twisted, Kelly. :D

    Stephanie, No one has to be invited to join (although that used to be a requirement), but you do need an invite to pin on that board, which is for pinning anything about RA you find on the web that’s of interest, or something you want to upload. The only requirement is that it be about Richard Armitage.

  9. Thanks for the info. Should not be a problem.

  10. I would love to participate.

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