Maybe I Spoke Too Soon


Rob Cain at ChinaFilmBiz just posted the weekend’s gross for The Hobbit in China. It falls short of projections and will probably not reach the billion dollar club until sometime in early March. Of course this will be considered a loss of which piracy is a contributor, but Cain has a point about the mood of the Chinese viewers. And now I’m also second guessing my scoffing at the insider assessment Peter Jackson was forced to make the film in 3D. Maybe he understood something Warners didn’t. Maybe he reads Rob’s blog? ;-)

And I had to snaffle that cool Chinese Hobbit poster. Thank you, Rob. :D

edit: I’ve had a few minutes to think and still believe Jackson was not strong armed into making The Hobbit in 3D. He is too curious about technology and is in such a glorious position to push the envelope on 3D HFR.


  1. There was a Comic Con panel with PJ and James Cameron in 2009 where both were extolling the future of 3D. PJ even said they’d considered doing King Kong in 3D, so it would be interesting to learn why he might have been strong-armed into doing The Hobbit in 3D. He brought up at that same panel the idea of LOTR being converted to 3D and re-released (like Cameron did with Titanic), but Warner Bros. didn’t think there were enough 3D theaters to justify the expense. It seems like the LOTR-in-3D did not originate with WB, so could one assume that it was PJ that put forth the idea, and then suggested it for The Hobbit?

  2. That’s what I think. But there is some scuttlebutt that he became reluctant after his and Cameron’s push early on and had to be talked into it with The Hobbit. Bosh! He is a 3D zealot. But if the Chinese decide they’re not as enamored with it, 3D probably will be on its way out.

  3. Ah, ok. If that was the case, I wonder if it made a difference when he was a producer of The Hobbit versus when he became the director. But I think you’re right. PJ’s said (at least a while ago, could have changed his opinion) that he isn’t a fan of the extra charge for 3D tickets, that perhaps has backfired. Maybe the 3D problem with the Chinese is they’ve been suckered into too many “Piranha 3DD” and “Clash of the Titans” 3D screenings. :)

  4. […] club. It will just do it much sooner than the last time with the earlier release, which is probably to thwart piracy making inroads into the box office receipts. The last two movies were released in China in late […]

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