The Power of Pinterest

TheQueen (no, not that queen) is being schooled in just how powerful Pinterest can be. She is now experiencing the viral phenomenon, so that I think her days of low hit counts are probably gone.

Phew! food is a powerful tag. LOL!

Posted on February 25, 2013 by The Queen

Yeah, pretty weak but I couldn’t help myself!! *snort*

I created an account at Pinterest last year but saw very quickly that I could lose days, no, weeks…of time at this very addictive site. So I limited my time there. (yes I should get some kind of a medal for self-control!) I pinned maybe 40 or so pics, mainly of cakes. This past week, I became a little more active by pinning another 15 or so pins and joined a group board.

Then I wrote a blog piece last Thursday based on a Facebook share by a friend in Texas. Yeah, it was the pig cake. And it became an instant hit in an unexpected way! Sort of hurt my feelings as I had nothing to with the cake’s creation. At all!!! I gave credits where credits were due, added some translations and conversions…and the more here

Even though The Queen’s piece was a mere mention of something else, it is driving traffic to her site and a significant number of people are looking at other posts while they are there. So it’s gone a long way toward building an audience however crazy it might seem to her, and this phenomenon has shown little sign of letting up.

I hope you read her post, but if you didn’t, I want to make a point. Are hit counts everything? Absolutely not. Most bloggers I know fairly well are not primarily motivated by hit counts, and I would submit if someone is writing a blog merely or even mostly for hit counts, they will lose the joy in it very quickly. But I also must say that an increase in hits helps in sustaining someone’s desire to keep at it. So long live The Queen! :D

And one last thing. I hope some of you who have been ambivalent about Pinterest will join us at the Richard Armitage Communty Pinterest Board. I don’t really pin there as much as others, but I love looking at it and think you will too.


  1. Thanks for the reblog Frenz. It’s been an amazing week and it ain’t over yet! Your tech help and encouragement have been invalueable!! You rock!!

  2. If it’s THAT pig cake, then I saw it on Facebook. :) I don’t really get the point of Pinterest, but then, I VERY rarely browse the internet just to look at pictures. If I need a photo of something, I’ll just do a Google image search.

    It’s nice to have a hit count, because then you know that people are actually reading what you’re writing, but you’re right, it’s not the main motivator for blogging. I blog because I can. That people find it and read it is a nice bonus, and works as a motivator for those days where I really don’t feel like bothering. Then I think “but I’ve set myself the task of posting reviews on these particular days, so I really ought to” … but that’s more to prove to myself that I can actually do it, because I’m rubbish at sticking to doing things on a regular basis. (Read: any sort of physical exercise.)

    Technically, as well, the hit count (visits) doesn’t really mean squat. Average session time, pages per visit and bounce rate are more important factors when it comes to visitor statistics. :)

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