Styling With George Stroumboulopoulos

Obviously, George backstage with Richard Armitage after the interview:

[click to enlarge]

I was tempted to say “George What’s His Name” or some other lame joke. But if a man gets hung with a last name like that, and he makes it to adulthood still smiling, he deserves for others to spell or say his name correctly. ;-) Okay, it’s Stroumboulopoulos. Man, what a tongue twister and does harsh work on the fingers too. :D This word has FanstRAvaganza beat!

I also love that George is a smiler (although he’s not in this picture), and I love his dimples. Yes, this is a Richard Armitage fan blog, but I had to take time out to give some praise to George. :D

Love this:

[click to enlarge]


  1. Makes me wonder if he did a Phoebe Buffay AKA Regina Philangi and changed his surname for a laugh.

  2. OMG, we love Strombo here in T.O. :) Such a cutie, and a very well-spoken interviewer (though he also loves to have fun, as we witnessed when he showed Richard’s fan vid). His name is crazy hard to spell … I believe it’s Stroumboulopoulos.

    I really enjoyed that interview; thought he brought the best out in Richard (though Richard did try to strangle him ;)).

    Thanks for posting, Frenz!

  3. ROFLOL!!! And I still misspelled it. LOL! Gone to fix. :D

  4. Thanks for the shout out for George – or Strombo as he is often known as. I tried looking at images for him and was amazed at how few there are where he is actually smiling which is really surprising if you have ever seen his show as he smiles such a lot!! His interview with Richard was terrific! I couldn’t help but think that he must have had an idea they were going to show that video clip as the closer they got to showing it the squirmier he seemed to get in his chair!! For a man known for his “stillness” it was quite noticeable. :D

    George is a fantastic interviewer and one of the things I appreciate about him is the fact that he is also a very good listener. He gives his interviewee time to answer the questions he poses and has the ability to pull information out of them that they may not necessarily have intended to reveal. ;) He has a great gift!

  5. George likes people, and it shows! I love that.

  6. As i’m in Australia, i had never seen George S* before but i thought he was a terrific interviewer here. So thanks for the shout out.

    *Not going there even though i agree that i really ought to make the effort.

  7. I guess it somehow answers the question why John Thornton held his teacup the way he did :) lovely!

  8. I think he is charming and intelligent interviewer.
    Four years ago I would said that George Stroumboulopoulos has beautiful big brown,somewhat sad eyes..but now..what can I say?;)
    A yes! he has lovely dimples , just like you Frenz:)

  9. Richard seemed at ease with George S. Way to break the ice by showin RA a fanvid. =)

  10. Yes, Strombo is a wonderful interviewer. I love his show and watch it quite regularly. He always used to introduce himself at the beginning of his show by referring to himself as “your boyfriend”. So it was quite a thrill to have one of my so-called “boyfriends”, interviewing the other ONE!

  11. Great thought! I’m with you on that!! :D

  12. LOL @ having FanstRAvaganza beat! I keep having trouble spelling that word …

    Greek surnames can be very complicated. Strombo sounds like a good compromise! :)

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