Richard Armitage on Lorraine’s Show

Some of you may remember that one of Richard Armitage’s sweetest interviews was on Lorraine’s show. He was on again:

It seems that he is more relaxed around Lorraine than most interviewers. He obviously doesn’t see her as threatening. No, I’m not going to get into his head this morning. I’m too tired for that.


  1. Bless his heart, I think he’s worn out. He looked gorgeous ( loved the stubble. The beard is returning), but really tired. I am sure Twittergate didn’t help any LOL

    I have to wonder, do non native English speakers sometimes have trouble understanding Lorraine? ;) She speaks so rapidly and with that brogue, delightful though it is. I don’t have a problem, but I could see where others might.

    Hope you and yours are doing OK, Frenz. ((hugs))

  2. Yeah, she can be hard to get sometimes, but I really like her and can see why he’s so at ease. She is not judgmental and there is nothing glib about her as there seems to be about so many talk show hosts. Love that down-to-earth manner.

    And thanks for the hug. I’m just really tired, but it’s a good tired.

  3. Oh she’s very likable, very down to earth. She’s been interviewing him for several years now, too. The beautiful boy who is now a beautiful man. ;)

  4. I keep thinking he sounds as if he has a slight head cold.

    Maybe he’s not as threatened by her because she’s a charming old lady, not a young one who just wants to get inside his breeches. Although saying that, Lorraine might want that too, but she’s too nice to let on! ;)

  5. I like the new interview but I absolutely love the 2007-interview. Thanks for making it available on youtube.

  6. I agree he seems exhausted, and that it sounds like he is recovering from a cold. That said, how does he still manage to look like THAT??? I think there is a portrait of him somewhere that is ageing in his place a la Dorian Gray.

    BTW, Lorraine is not that old–she’s probably roughly equal to the fan base population–admit it, Ladies! I stopped counting my birthday several years ago and I’ll bet a few of you have too! I’m proud to be a middle aged para-socialist! LOL!

  7. Uhmmmmmmmm–“old lady,” Traxy? She’s less than a year older than I am and I don’t think anybody I know thinks of me as an “old lady” (other than little kids and a few snippy teenagers). LOL Perhaps a more appropriate word would be “mature.” ;)
    And I agree, Lorraine’s age is probably pretty close to that of many of RA’s fans, give or take a few years.

  8. And shes’ a year younger than I am, since I’m about two years older than Angie. So yeah, watch the old lady stuff. This old lady mature lady might have to make another trip to England to straighten you out! :D

  9. I love her giggles :)

  10. I didn’t mean “old” in a derogatory way. I perhaps should’ve said oldER, because I meant she’s older than him (and she IS a charming lady!). Either way, the point was that he feels probably feels “safe” around her. She doesn’t come across particularly flirty, but if she does, it’s kept on a strictly professional level. She’s not the sort of woman who would try to drag embarassing secrets from him live on air, or try to break through his dressing room door. ;)

    Frenz, you’re very welcome! We have a spare bedroom and all. Just hope you’re not allergic to cats. ;P

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