Entering the Billion Dollar Club

So what happens now that The Hobbit has entered the Billion Dollar Club? I guess we’re going to find out over the next little while what that experience entails. But until we know the full effect of its membership on some of the parties involved — namely Richard Armitage — I think a little celebration is still in order. So a little cake for the occasion:


Yeah, how ’bout a close up:


Can you believe people can make things like this?! The thought of making this cake terrifies me. No lie. I can tell you as I sit here that my cake would not even be good enough for Cake Wrecks, so I commend TheQueen for all of her hard work. Now can we eat it? Or would that be a sacrilege?

Pass the forks. :D

You will find more of her cakes here.

And if you don’t care about the Billion Dollar Club, did you hear that Richard Armitage is going to be on Twitter? No? What hole are you in? I’m not pulling your leg. It’s true. Details here.


  1. I really like your cake and now the ideas are just rolling around in my head. Son 3 has his birthday right after the Hobbit movies open the next two years. I will have to show both Sons 2 and 3 the cake here. It is to short of a notice to do something like this for this weekend for Son 2’s birthday party, but we got 9 months for Son 3. I like you don’t know how well that I would do, but would have fun trying and well my Husband might even help as he has in the past.

  2. TheQueen does good work. You should see her other cakes! Check out this one:

    And I threw in her washing machine for free. :D

  3. Katie, let me know if you want any pointers. I just couldn’t resist as my grand wanted snowflakes on her cake and it was the week before the premiere. Hobbityness called my name. But to be fair, I took Thorin and Bilbo off for her party. Next grand birthday girl wants the same thing w/o snow. Looking for my notes now. I just can’t believe a billion$$$. Sir Peter is doing well for himself huh?!

    Thanks Frenz! We’ll just call it your “virtual” birthday cake? :D

  4. Thank You Frenz and The Queen, I will check out the other cakes tomorrow as I really should be in bed. 5:00 a.m. my time comes soon. Son 2 want a Coconut Cream cake that I will make from scratch plus Coconut Macaroons and Washboard cookies. Lets just say I spoiled them rotten.

  5. I just don’t understand that. I NEVER spoiled my kids. ;-)

  6. Woow, theses cakes are great !!! Too beautiful to eat… :-)

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  8. They are too beautiful to eat, but I understand from family that they do taste good as well as look good. Next time I’m at TheQueen’s house, I need to try one out. :D

  9. Working on a chocolate fudge version with peanut butter creme filling. Tell me you wouldn’t eat that. Oh, and served with chocolate ice cream on the side. :)

  10. These are an artistic wonder! Wow!

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