Richard Armitage Will Weigh in on Richard III

I just read Richard Armitage has spoken to BBC Leicester and specifically discussed Richard III with them. This was welcomed news after his lack of responses on the subject during the Twitter rush Wednesday. But my skeptical gene tends to think he’s still not going to say much to us about his part in any production Philippa Langley is promoting. Frankly, he would be foolish to say much unless the ink is dry on a deal.

There are plans to air the exchanges over two dates:


  1. Yes, he has learnt from experience to be cautious about speaking too soon. (stage play “Rover”, and “Charlie” a few years ago. Best to stay with behind the scenes encouragement, without any public commitment or public “endorsement”.

  2. I feel better that he has at least addressed it in some way. On the previous subject “It’s today…” You really need to write a book about this experience you have had and we have all been able to join in. You are our Erma Bombeck of the crazy RA fans.

  3. Yep, he’s learning. ;) But it will be good to hear it addressed, as Louie said, since we’ve heard nothing at all from him up to this point since the findings.

  4. Stupid question here-UK doesn’t switch to Daylight Savings TIme on Saturday night, do they? I just want to be sure to be in the right time zone on Sunday morning and Wednesday. .

  5. No, they won’t switch until the end of March

  6. Thanks!

  7. How I wish I was living in London right now! It irks me that it cannot be heard all over the world. :(

  8. It can via iplayer. TV is UK only, but radio works worldwide.

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