Richard Armitage on Twitter!

Yep, it’s true:

And this is the first time I’ve had a duplicate title. It’s warranted.

See, see, that’s why you should be on Twitter. :D


  1. *SNORT*!!!!! guess that answers that question. You, as usual, are 10 steps ahead of me!! :)

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  2. Looks like you-know-where just froze over?!!! I’ll be tuned in… :)

  3. Isn’t it the case that he is not on Twitter himself but doing it through The Hobbit movie site? If that’s the case then I guess it’s as hot as ever down there!!

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  5. If he’s not on Twitter as himself, then I’m really going to be wondering how he will be on Twitter. ;-)

  6. I didn’t mean “as himself” I meant he wouldn’t be joining Twitter himself, i.e. we won’t find him with his own Twitter account any time soon!! :D *laughing hysterically*

  7. I knew what you meant but couldn’t resist yanking your chain. :D

    I doubt he’s going to have an account. Events like these wouldn’t be nearly so much fun.

  8. Aw crap I have no questions. No sane one really. Just the usual “Will you marry me?”
    I think he’s answered a lot of common questions for interviews but no random nutty one is coming to mind. Aw well. Twitter schmitter. I just want to meet him once. #sigh

  9. Having my chain yanked is half the fun!! :D

  10. I love his voice in “The Hobbit”–wonder if he might do some more singing if the chance arises.

  11. How many times is he going to be asked what he had for lunch?

  12. Until he answers the question! :D

  13. We never even got to ask about lunch, but we did find out about dessert, chocolate ice cream!

  14. ROFLOL!!!! I just said the same thing on Twitter. Great minds….

  15. Crud. I just knew someone would ask a cello question.

  16. Yep, he was asked about the cello a time or two.

  17. Ahh, must’ve been during my shower. After the slow start, I moved on to the top of my To Do list. Wonder just how many questions were posed to him? I couldn’t keep up with them!!

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