What Happens When Frank Sinatra and Michael Jackson Meet?

You get Justin Timberlake:

It’s tagged ‘Musicilove’ but a little dancing works too, and Kanye West eat your heart out, or at least shut up for a few minutes. ;-)

And no, I don’t really know the lyrics to this song. It takes me forever to listen to lyrics and sometimes I never get to them.


  1. Love that! I don’t mind a bit of Justin Timberlake and I love a bit of Jay-Z!

  2. I guess because a chunk of my life is devoted to high school prom this time of the year, I can’t help but wonder what those teenagers would think if a bold teenage guy broke out in those moves on the dance floor. Some how I think he would be laughed out of the venue. What’s entertainment for some is comedy for others.

  3. Just perfect! I’m dancing..with the hoover ;)

  4. Love that Justin Timberlake, and funny you should say that, Kitty. I’ve got a boy who did just those kinds of things at prom and somehow he wasn’t thought a dork. Of course he is a clown too and makes most people laugh — case in point. :D

    Oddly enough he’s bemoaning prom in this little clip his friends sent us.

    And I would just be happy if he could go back to not talking with his mouth full of food. When he went away to school, he knew not to do that, but apparently, he is burning up so many calories that he’s eating almost non-stop. 12+ miles a day of running will do that.

  5. Handsome son! Multitasking, too! Non-stop eating, bustin’ moves, hangin’ w/ his buds. And all that GPA stuff you told us about before. No wonder you’re so proud!

  6. WooHoo! Never have heard this guy sing or have seen his moves but WOW! Perfect choreography. I mean SPOT ON!! Makes me want to dance. Oops. Did I just type that?!

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