The Other Shoe Drops Tomorrow

More on Richard III tomorrow from our guy Richard Armitage, and who knows what else he will say that may have the ripples rippling.

If you want to hear it live and you’re not in the UK, you can. It is only British TV that is not accessible through conventional internet means. Radio is completely accessible. Go to the BBC Leicester Radio page Jim has linked in his tweet when it’s time for broadcast.

And the British are doing those of us in the U.S. a favor on the broadcast time. It is before most of us go to work. Not that any of you would listen while you’re on the job. ;-)

When to listen in your time zone:

Eastern Time: 7:10am
Central Time: 6:10am
Mountain Time: 5:10am
Pacific Time: 4:10am

Okay, I can hear you out in LA saying, “4:10am? WTH?!”

Look at those eyes:


Yeah, you can get up at 4am for Jim as well as Rich. :D

But if you decide to miss all of this, the BBC is great about keeping a short term archive of shows. Go to the Jim Davis’ programme page on the BBC Leicester Radio site to find past episodes.

Other helps for listening to BBC Radio broadcasts, and of course RichardArmitageNet and RichardArmitageCentral will probably upload the broadcast as well.


  1. Thank you for making me laugh – I really needed it today! I will be up listening in the CT (daylight savings of course) I am now a “sadder but wiser girl” and don’t expect to learn or hear anything new. However, I will say all new pictures out there the last few days are really great .

  2. will have to hope for a rebroadcast because I will be at work:(

  3. Thanks for the heads up! Now I just have to work out what the time will be in Australia!

  4. You’re 10-1/2 hours ahead of London time, so should be 9:40pm for you! :)

  5. Kathleen and Louie, No worries. You know our favorite RA sites will have this uploaded pretty quickly, and you can always go back to the BBC site for their archive copy. There’s also RadioDownloader, which I talk about on “Other helps” linked at the bottom of this piece.

  6. Yeah, I don’t know about the 4am thing. I can’t function at that time lol. I’ll wait :-)

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