The Zeitgeist of Richard Armitage Universe


We are not all the same and of course how Richard Armitage has affected each of us is not going to always be similar. So this series of posts “Why Richard?” is not designed to speak to every reaction but to perhaps capture some of the spirit of the RA Universe.

Some have been able to easily sum up the effect of the experience. They just nail it for themselves without seeming to meander around in their heads in an attempt to cover every little aspect. That’s not to say one way is better than another. I like meandering, and I’m going to keep at it. But I do marvel that it took another fan just a few months or less to conclude what took me from the beginning of 2008 and through most of 2009 to even come close to verbalizing (more on this later).

Remarks from the aptly named Armitage Besotted:

It’s been five months and counting since I first stumbled upon “North & South” and began my personal Armitage mania. (Definition of mania, per An excessively intense enthusiasm, interest, or desire; a craze.)

Why Richard?

Because in North & South he makes manifest the hopelessly romantic (by today’s cynical standards) notion that someone could notice you, “discover” you, choose you and decide to love you just for who you are, without you “going after him” at all. You just go about your business, and a gorgeous hunk finds you. In an age of “hooking up” and trying to divine if someone’s interested or “just not that into you,” who could resist this delicious fantasy?


So it’s projection. Total projection.

And yet….

I find myself changing my behavior, thinking, “I could be a little more open, and maybe new, good things will come to me.” Or, “Instead of reading my book, I could strike up a conversation with the person next to me on the train about their book.” Or “Yessiree, I COULD post my thoughts on a blog, and see what kind of creative, funny new people I meet.”

Something that touches you enough to change your thoughts and behavior is called…art. And the person who creates art is…an artist. He’s an Artist, people. And he’s changing our lives.

I just love this write-up. It was like a breath of fresh air when I read it!

More coming up on people changing their thoughts and behaviors.

Screencap courtesy of RichardArmitageNet


  1. Having worked in the field of art for many years myself in any number of ways, I think of the many ways he has inspired me since I began my own personal fan journey after discovering him–for that, if for nothing else, I will always admire, appreciate, and love him.

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  3. Ah, the most romantic thought I could ever have: Someone “could notice you, ‘discover’ you, choose you and decide to love you just for who you are.”

    And then for that same soul to love you and protect you at the cost of his own heart after being soundly rejected.

    That is the wonder of John Thornton.

  4. I hadn’t been subjected to North & South until much later in my Armitage mania so my experience was different. Since I first took note of him in Robin Hood and then in Strike Back, the impression that I had was… here was a strong man who had vulnerability to him. Despite the ego, despite the machismo, there was an underlying level of deprecation and self-esteem problems. Granted, Thornton had that as well, but as the story was based on romance it sort of comes with the territory.

    What impressed me was that Richard was (and is) able to pull off that sort of dichotomy in a character. He gives them depth and moves them beyond any cardboard cutout. As a writer, that is something I can aspire to; Move beyond the cutout and give your characters depth.

    It’s with no shame that I say that I’ve based a character or two on Richard Armitage and the sort of characters he’s played. When I write them, I do imagine him in the parts and always ask myself if I’ve given the character enough depth. “Would Richard be satisfied with what I have for this character?”

    I’m not saying that I can read the man’s mind, but the way he approaches the parts he plays has inspired me to try and emulate it with my writing. Ever since I’ve started to be inspired by him, I’ve become far more serious with my writing. One day I hope that a book that I’ve written makes it to one of those infamous “pile of books” that Richard has at his place. If I could manage that then I’d be deliriously happy. It’s a goal to aim for, at least.

  5. Yes, he’s an artist. And a great artist makes you consider what it is to be human. It connects us in a profound way.
    Good luck with your writing endeavors, SCJen! RA’s acting is a terrific muse.

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