Where’s Harry?!

Okay, so The Vicar of Dibley was finally back on the telly, but there’s some charming reverend in London who leaves Geraldine off kilter? What?! Oh, dear, is Harry back at home unaware of what’s going on? Or has Harry left the village? What the hell is happening? My world is off kilter! Say it isn’t so, Gerry!!

Geraldine needs a reminder:

vod2-103 Click for larger format

Ah, that’s better.

Divorce my ass, er, my arse.

Note: I love Damien Lewis. He’s one of my favorites too, but I’m not writing a blog about him. :D

Screencap courtesy of RichardArmitageNet

edit: If you live in the UK or access through a VPN in the UK, you can watch the iTunes full version of this skit. Yes, another plug for VPN. LOL!

second edit:

And the Vicar just gets around it seems:



  1. Whot is with that?

    Then again, Harry single …

    No. But wait. Nope. And yet…

  2. Ah Yes! Geraldine’s foolish ways are a benefit to womankind. :D

  3. Nooooooooooo – Gerri, what’s up? No way. – Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

  4. Please tell me it ain’t so–my heart might break!

  5. WTH ?????? So not computing….give up Harry?????Sh’e not that stupid is she???? Can I have him????? My heart is pounding…. YIKES !!!!!!!

  6. Nah, Gerry’s smarter than that–don’t believe it for a minute. No one would let go of Harry–especially after she waited so long to find him.

  7. I don’t know. It seems someone has turned the Vicar loose. :D (see my edit).

  8. This is a serious problem. I find this development more disturbing than Spooks 9. What are those writers thinking? Geraldine giving up Harry? Harry giving up Geraldine? This is making me very unhappy. Instead of the “so not dead” category, I’m going to have to create a “so not divorced” category.

  9. Geraldine! Are you out of your cotton pickin’ mind my girl? Who in their right mind would give up a guy like Harry, who, after all, is said to be closest in character to his gorgeous “creator” in RL? After all the lovely things he said about the VoD AND you on the “Lorraine” show recently too! How could you even contemplate such a thing? Doesn’t bear thinking about. I’m with Beverly on this!!

  10. Why couldn’t they put in a line about Harry being on a trip to New Zealand and that she missed him? AAARRRGHH. “nothing lasts forever????” That’s not good fiction.

  11. So how did they explain her marital status exactly???

  12. Okay, finally got YouTube working. Divorce??? I’m not even a VoD fan but wasn’t Harry supposed to be… I don’t know… Prince Charming (who is ALWAYS perfect)? Hmm, not our mother’s fairy tale any more. Very edgy and so 2013.

    Wait, is there yet ANOTHER Judi? We need to form our own sub-club ;)

  13. Well that was short! I must Dawn looks great! She looks younger and slimmer. Good for her.
    Maybe Harry’s getting his flirt on at some accountant convention :-P

  14. I’m thinking next Christmas, they should get back together during a special episode. A girl can hope.

  15. What, did they think we would just forget about Harry (not bloody likely!)? If Richard Curtis wrote this, I am SO disappointed in him–or maybe Richard (Armitage) just wasn’t available for the skit? Bring back Harry, people! This is SO not okay!

  16. Is that Matt Smith?!?

  17. Yep, it’s Matt Smith. If you click the photo, it will go to the story.

  18. Right VIcar – pistols at dawn! not only have you had your mitts on my Harry but now my beloved Matt too!?

  19. My reaction to the skit was “WHY are you hitting on Damian Lewis when you’re MARRIED TO RICHARD ARMITAGE?!” Not to say Lewis isn’t an attractive man, but when HARRY KENNEDY is your husband … why would you ever even CONSIDER straying? O.o

    It was nice that they mentioned she’s not Granger but Kennedy. At least that got in there.

  20. I have not seen the new skit, but my reaction is similar to Traxy’s. I was afraid that TPTB had killed off Harry the way that they killed off so many other chaRActers. Only in widowhood might a woman consider second best.

  21. That makes me feel a little better, I guess–but I still want to know why she’s flirting with ANYONE else when Harry’s her adorable hubby.

  22. The vicar’s gone crazy!!! Poor Harry, home all alone!

  23. […] Somehow I forgot to link this last week — Gerry appears in Comic Relief without Harry — video and discussion at RAFrenzy. […]

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