The Hobbit, TMI?


Today, I had a long chat with myself. The issue at hand was my awareness of too much about the first movie in The Hobbit “trilogy.” It seems I was not as overwhelmed with awe as I had hoped when I first saw An Unexpected Journey. Yes, I’m admitting it did not completely live up to my expectations, but several people I know and respect have loved this movie — including my immediate family who before the movie came out, gave me good natured hell every chance they got about my extreme knowledge of all things Hobbit never mind my absurd knowledge of all things Richard Armitage. No, I don’t literally mean all things Richard Armitage. Chill on the Armitage Protection Mode, will ya? :D

What I discovered is that all of the people I know personally who have adored this movie didn’t know nearly as much about it as I did, and I would like to join them on that when the next installment comes out. During the weeks leading up to the premiere of An Unexpected Journey, my gut was literally screaming at me to take a step back and not be so informed, but I was grossly infected with FOMO, which made me less sensitive to my gut talking. And now I wish I had not been so obsessive about satisfying my curiosity that I did the one thing I’ve railed about on this blog — spoilers. Of course I know how the book plays out, but this isn’t the book, is it? This is Peter Jackson’s version of it, and he was so kind to give me quite a bird’s eye view.

Oh yeah, sure, it wasn’t too much for some of you, but I know now that it was for me. And all of this brings me to a couple of conclusions. First, I have new found respect for movie critics, who earlier in my life were thought of as frustrated directors just finding a way to release their sour grapes. I was wrong. Oh, so wrong. My gosh, it’s a miracle they like any movie once it comes out after knowing so much about them beforehand. Second, I have decided that I am not going to pore over every piece of information that comes out about the rest of The Hobbit movies, and I was not going to watch nor listen to anything today that was related to Desolation of Smaug. But after the email and messages I have received, I had to do something. ;-)

So here’s the clip from the movie:

And no worries, here’s our guy.

If WB wants me to take these down, then I certainly will, but I hope I can leave them up, since they help promote the movie. :D

Dear Sir Peter,

I know you may be thinking, “Sheesh, someone’s always bitching about something.” You’re great, and you’ve been great about sharing. I really do appreciate that, and I know that so many fans love it and aren’t affected negatively by it. I guess I’m just one of those fans who needs to be surprised more, and since you’re not holding a gun to my head to watch these things, I’m not so sure I want to know as much as the last time around. Oh, I want to be able to gush until I’m wrung dry, but I would rather do it after the movie comes out.

One of Richard’s crazy fans

P.S. love your footwear


  1. I remember exactly when I got to this point myself — it was around the end of November 2012. I had seen about six trailers at that point, I think, and decided I’d had enough already. It was the right decision. But it was hard to maintain — so good luck.

  2. I watched the trailers and stuff for the Armitage exposure, rather than for Tolkien, PJ et al. So put me in the stocks and pelt with tomatoes. Rotten – no point wasting a good tomato.

  3. Have already come to that decision myself–I want to be mesmerized, as I was this time.

  4. Servetus, I hear you. With the big push starting in October, it didn’t take long to get tired of that. I was weary by the NZ premiere certainly by the general release. But it was still hard to stay away. And you see how successful I was today. LOL!

    Fitz, No need for self-flagellation. If it works for you, do it. :D

    Stephanie, Those are my intentions. I probably won’t live up to my own expectations, but I’m going to try.

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  6. I think I may take the pledge too. Besides…not sure my family can stand another round of the madness. Y’all are my heroes. Hadn’t even considered it till now.( Actually not sure it is possible to ignore all things Hobbit. :) Could it be “that” was why the first hour was pure torture for me? Hobbit overload? Maybe.

    And the founding of the Sisterhood of Team Thorin was born. Thinking…thinking…

  7. The Queen, please note I did not say I was going to ignore all things Hobbit. I’m going to attempt to not acknowledge everything Hobbit. :D

  8. And I’m certainly not going to be ignoring Mr. Armitage–just want to be able to truly enjoy the next installment with a bit of the awe and wonder intact.

  9. I am one of those people who is really affected by spoilers. That’s what ruined Spooks for me! Not sure if you’ve read my posts on spoilers for Spooks, but I rant about it, and I wasn’t trying to find out about that show when the spoilers hit me. With TH, I did it to myself. It wasn’t ruined like Spooks, but I think I would have enjoyed it much more if I had known less.

  10. Thank you for putting this up and making it viral!
    How i liked the vidblogs, but got an overload of clips in my brain that had to be compared with the final result.

    Good to hear from you. I sent you an email.

  11. Actually, the entire promotion tour probably was TMI, but. (I watched every bit, without ennuie) NZ was particularly lovely, wonderful for PJ and a tribute to one of their own. Some interviews were absorbing. Depending on the interviewer(s). All good.

  12. I hear you. Unfortunately for me, doing that would mean I would have to stay away from Tumblr and that is not going to happen. I have put far too much work into my blog over there and I have several writing partners whom I appreciate very much, not mention other online friends. So, I have to buckle up and brace myself for the upcoming onslaught. You all have a wonderful week!

  13. Life forced me to take that step back, almost from the start, so I felt like I was always playing catchup. Maybe that was a good thing because I was over the moon when the film opened. Something to think carefully about with the all-encompassing obligation about to end. Might be hard to accomplish.

  14. Ooooh, Radagast. :D

    Yeah, staying away from the complete madness sounds like a good idea. No point in over-doing it.

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  16. Great post. I also found that the first time I watched the Hobbit, I liked it, but I wasn’t as awestruck as I was hoping. :( The interesting thing was, the more times I watched it, the more I liked it. I think I thought and speculated about it way too much beforehand. This next time, I want to be surprised. :)

  17. I watched all the trailers, soaked up lots of info on AEJ before I watched it. This was mainly because I didn’t want to suffer from first viewing syndrome (as I did with the first two LOTR movies), I wanted to enjoy the movie for the movie, not keep comparing it to the book! My first viewing, I was blown away! LOVED it! So much so I saw it 13 times at the cinema!! :D

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