Where Do I Start?


As usual, Richard Armitage’s appearances have gone from such a sparsity to so much to gorge on I feel I have an eating disorder. No, I’m not making light of eating disorders. But seriously now, this feast and famine thing is enough to create an unhealthy appetite. :D At one point the dearth of appearances had me thinking like the proverbial buzzard. And now, I fear I may get sick. But of course that’s never stopped me.

Oh, you read my words about refraining from indulging in more info about the Hobbit movies, and you believed them? I might be able to pull it off (if you believe that, we need to talk more as I have a bridge for sale), but the Hobbit info is not synonymous with Richard Armitage. You thought it was?! You have to be new! Oh my, no way is he just about The Hobbit. Great as that is, may I say I’m glad he has many more performances to recommend him than Thorin Oakenshield. And if you have not seen North and South, do it now! Your inner, misunderstood beauty will thank me. :D

But even if he is just about the Hobbit in this last round of interviews, fans have plenty to savor. Richard still seems to be his intensely charming yet down-to-earth self, who keeps pulling some of us back into his world. As one fan put it to me, “Damn! He’s done it again. I thought I was over this Richard Armitage infatuation, but it’s back in full bloom.” For that person, it was very much about his ability to stay humble and sincere in the face of such great admiration. I’m not sure exactly how he maintains his character, but I can speculate, which if you haven’t been on this blog much is what I sometimes do here and many times in a snarky fashion. Occasionally, I’m serious because Richard deserves it. Today, I’m not quite sure what I’m going to be. Whatever the case, I am certainly feeling a great need to lay on some cheap psychoanalysis of what I’m seeing.

There has to be something that made such an impression on Richard Armitage that he can never shake it as part of his identity. Probably done in childhood as it is with most of us and consisting of those unpleasant experiences that occur which make us believe something negative about ourselves, and we seldom get past it no matter how many positive experiences may come behind it. Too often this kind of molding creates a liability in us which we drag around, but occasionally, someone lets the liability work for them in a healthy way. Since Richard has talked quite a bit about balancing his life, I’d like to think that’s what happened to him. That despite adulation, and many times deserved, his experience can never let him fully accept how we all see him — meaning very handsome, very intelligent and welcome at anyone’s table — and therefore he is able to keep arrogance at bay.


He still retains a bit of gawkiness that most likely occurred when he attained his full height at 14, and he may not realize it just makes him more attractive because it makes him personable. Phew! that combination of looks, brains and being accessible as a human being?! That will pull many a woman (and no doubt some men) into his charm — whether he wants to pull them or not. And of course he has some awareness of this, but the real question is how aware? Yep, that’s the question, baby cakes. Does he pull out the charm when it suits him? Or is he really just being himself? I think he has some ice breakers he relies on, but for the most part, I don’t think someone can fake his kind of earnestness this long.

What I find so refreshing is not just that he can maintain this demeanor, but also that so many appreciate it. That makes this last round of interviews in Australia truly glorious. People really do appreciate his character, and that makes me have such a great feeling about my fellow man and woman. :D

Dear Richard,

You have found the most successful way to combat objectification — people taking you seriously as a person and not just relegating you to a dream lover although I must admit that if someone wants a dream lover, you’re a good one. LOL!

No, I’m not saying you’ve been my dream lover, but I’m not blind and can see you would make a good one, and those women who aspire to someone with your character have good sense as well as good taste.

Okay, enough of that. I just want to say that my jaded self really does appreciate your graciousness to the public. May you never lose whatever it is that allows you this ability.

Maybe staying out the public eye between these interview gigs does help? Yeah, I’m cutting you a break on the feast or famine cycle.

One of your crazy fans who is definitely sane enough to appreciate a man who is gallant.

Hopefully up next is the post that I’ve had from the beginning of this blog. I have edited that thing so many times, well, it’s embarrassing. So the other day I went back to the original, and I think it’s almost where I want it now.

Candid photos courtesy of Popcorn Taxi.


  1. Lovely post. :}

  2. Thanks for the great read!

  3. I just thought it was Christmas in May, since we have so long to wait for the next Hobbit installment. But I do think he is just a genuinely lovely man, whatever created him.

  4. Very nice post. I think he is someone who likes people and wants people to like him. It really doesn’t take more than that to make someone likable and charming to others. Some people are like that. Not all of them are as beautiful and talented as he is, of course! He’s got it all, bless him!! :D

  5. The glimpses of inner beauty combined with the outer beauty make him so devastatingly addictive.

  6. I think it is called “The Armitage Effect.” I certainly have it. Anything about him, I long to see. He is fabulous, and hasn’t got a clue. Lovely!

  7. Besides your wonderful words, you also picked two uniquely fabulous pictures out of that green-coat gorge-fest. I can’t wait to see what else you write, crazy fan. I always enjoy your posts.

  8. The post you’re still posting, is it “Part 698?” I keep checking the diary and hoping….

  9. Glad you enjoyed it, Christine, It was a pleasure to write.

    siriuslygrednforge, Thank you! And I added you to the addict list. :D

    Stephanie, it certainly felt like a gift! :)

    marieastra8, I think you’re right!

    So well said, Beverly.

    Mary K, ROFLOL!! We’re on the same page. Clueless but lovely. :D

    J, Thank you. Great minds think alike. :D And no, it won’t be 698. It’s an old entry. Made way back in 2008 in my personal journal as all I’ve posted so far have been except for 697. :D

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  11. Great post!

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