And You Wonder Why It’s Called the Armitage Army

Zan has just issued a call to arms. To right a wrong as she puts it. I can do my duty for Richard Armitage. And yeah, I like Aidan Turner too. I have seen him in person, and believe it or not, he’s cuter in real life than he appears in his pictures or video. Yeah, it’s true. He puts a grin on your face. But all that aside, I’m doing this for our guy. :D

Call to arms!

March 25, 2013 by zan

OK, maybe “arms” is a bit harsh. But “call to keyboards” just doesn’t have the same ring to it, y’know?

Anyway … what I’m getting at is that all Thorin devotees and Fili followers, YOU ARE NEEDED!!! NOW!!! There’s less than 12 hours to fix a terrible wrong!

As y’all have probably seen, TORn is running their version of March Madness using our beloved LotR and Hobbit characters. Even though there were some questionable match-ups in Round 1 — Fili v Kili? REALLY??? — a few of our darling Dwarves made it through to Round 2. And now, well … Houston, we have a problem…

Read the rest here

I had to snaffle this gif. It’s so appropriate. Isn’t it the damndest thing when the Army moves into action, Rich? :D Yeah, well, it doesn’t have that name for no reason.


Gif courtesy of Zan’s sidebar. What you haven’t read that blog piece yet? Move it!

edit: Yes, yes, I get Kili and Fili mixed up, and they’re both cute. Dean O’Gorman’s dimples are so appealing they should be criminal.


  1. Thanks, Frenz!
    Dean’s dimples … yeah ;)

  2. We’re there!

  3. You’re welcome, Zan, but dumb me forgot to link your blog. Got slammed on that. LOL! It’s fixed now.

    Stephanie, Good! :D

  4. Done done it! Now the rest of y’all…git er done! :) You DO know I did a whole post about Dean’s dimples. Well, almost a whole post. Getting frighteningly close to doing diagrams of them next….:D

  5. and who the heck is Fingolfin anyways? He must have an army too.

  6. Been voting for Thorin like cRAzy just now, we just got past 50% for Thorin and hopefully it will just keep going in his favor, can’t let anyone KO the hottest dwarf ever! Cheers!

  7. Have voted for Thorin and Fili!

  8. I’ve voted twice. Thorin’s close but Fili’s a goner I’m afraid.

  9. Voted for Thorin and Fili–don’t think Fili has a prayer but we need to get in there and put it over the top for our dear Thorin.

  10. Yay–Thorin didn’t win by much, but it was enough!

  11. great!

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