They Don’t Have a Clue – Spoilers

Spoilers for North and South, but honestly, you can handle this if you haven’t seen it. The clip should make you want to watch the whole thing! Also spoilers for some other movies if you look at the link.

I was just looking at MTV’s new poll, and part of it is for best onscreen kiss. I watched the videos, and it was so unsatisfying. MTV doesn’t get it, and I mean no offense to any of the actors involved, but after you’ve seen this below, you’re ruined for other onscreen kisses. No one does it better than Richard Armitage. Don’t believe me? Watch if you dare:

This was the first clip I ever saw which had Richard Armitage speaking. It was a spoiler that spoiled in the best way possible. Proving I’m not totally down on spoilers.

Actually, Darcywil’s clip was the first one I saw, but it’s edited, and I kind of like Henry’s mug in there :D


  1. Well now, that’s the truth if it’s ever been told!

  2. Such a beautiful scene–such a wonderful kiss–such an angel of a man.

  3. Hot Damn! Give me chills! I just watched that like I have never seen it before. No wonder my life hasn’t been the same the past four years after seeing that! On screen kissing will never be the same! You are so right! They don’t have a clue!

  4. No matter how many times I watch that scene, it still leaves me speechless…*sigh*

  5. Totally lost count of the number of times I have watched this beautiful scene on top of all the times I have watched the whole series. To me it is THE most perfect on-screen ever! It never gets old and it has the same affect on me each and every time. As Richard himself said about the scene, “It still makes me tingle.” And how!!! *melts*

  6. Should read “on-screen kiss” of course. I think I was distracted after watching it yet again!!;)

  7. well , here are my thoughts on Richard and his lips… it totally wrecks me to see up the sweet emotion coming from his eyes and the way little corner of his mouth goes up when he smiles.. but what made me cry..and fall in love with him was when I saw the little scar under his chin amidst the lovely stubble. I don’t know why.. but now we are bound together forever… Annie

  8. 1st Part, Anni I., I agree!!!!!!!!!…But your 2nd Part to answer what made you cry….I FELL OFF MY STOOL !. AGAIN!!!. When I was 6 yrs old, home from school 10 minutes, I’m out the backdoor to run around the yard and fall over a pile of clay pots, break half,stumble around try to catch my balance ,FALL on the most jagged pot shard, cut the HELL out of my under-chin, roll to my feet, SCREAMING!, continue into the house, up to my aunt and mother ,who look wide-eyed at me!, my mother drops weak-kneed to floor, aunt runs to closet, grabs towel,applies to chin, drags me to phone,calls for taxi,mom back and goes w/ us in cab to EMRoom,I have EVEN Dozen stitches,…..and (breath!) I HAVE A SCAR IN THE EXACT SAME PLACE UNDER-BACK OF MY CHIN!!!JUST LIKE….Him……(wished he could have kissed my boo-booed chin)….. Frenzy, you’re a wonder!

  9. ahhh, the Ya Ya Sisterhood of Chin Scars…ME TOO! I was 10 and acting like a goof. I was running/jumping from floor joist to floor joist on our new room addition. Missed one and kaboom! Chin stitches and a nice little scar. Weirdly enough, guess where one long black hair grows? Iccck!! Pull that sucker out twice a month. Unless I forget. Then I get strange looks….love you last sentence..kissed your boo-booed chin! Too cute!!!

  10. It’s only the most romantic scene in the history of film…no biggie! We see him kiss her six times. Then, he kisses her three more times on the train. I am obsessed with that kiss, like, seriously. I once gave a guy his walking papers because he stole a kiss from me at the end of our first date and try to eat my face while he was at it. Apparently, the restaurant meal wasn’t enough. I actually pushed him away, coming short of yelling ‘EWW!’. So, yes, thank you, Richard, for spoiling all future kisses for me. No, really…thank you! ;)

  11. *tried* to eat my face. Geez! See what the thought of Thornton kissing Margaret does to my brain? I can’t even conjugate properly!

  12. Similarly afflicted, as you can see from my earlier post. :)

  13. hahaha … Yes, Richard does tend to discombobulate our brains sometimes, doesn’t he? ;) Oh, and guess what? Morrighansmuse just blogged about his kisses too! Ha! Seems like we all have a one track mind tonight; I was blogging about that on Tumblr earlier tonight. :)

  14. To be fair, the MTV Movie Awards are a sham anyway. :( As long as there was a Twilight film, no other film stood a chance against it, and yes, they have won Best Kiss! Which is pretty much an insult to everyone else who was nominated. I still think “Hellboy II” was robbed of Best Fight.

    Fortunately, though, the final film only managed to get ONE nomination, so this year, there’s actually HOPE! :)

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