A Timeout for Frenz

I cannot believe I’m referring to myself in third person again. If SO saw this, he would have a field day with it. I can hear it now, “What are you Elmo or Jimmy or something?”

Okay, the point — I turned off my phone for a few days, and I haven’t been on the Net, much. All of this was at the request of SO, who said, “Do you think you could navigate without that for a day or two?” Then he grinned. How could I resist?

And you know that old saying about familiarity breeding contempt, so I think staying away from Richard Armitage pics and video for a few days was a good thing and apparently didn’t put a damper on my ardor.

Back to the point. This is my long way of saying, please forgive me for not replying to email and messages. I have not been ignoring you — no one specific anyway. I just needed a break. But I’m back now, so give me some time to get caught up.

Thanks for being patient!

Hmmm. This needs a picture. But what would fit? Not sure. While I’m typing this sentence, I’m letting my mind wander. Got it.


Yes, I’m telling the truth, Rich. And I feel so good now that I realize I CAN survive several days without my phone and very little Internet. I know you like your phone, and oh yeah, your iPad, but you might give this a try sometime. :D

Note: this is a photo I haven’t been inclined to use because he looks so much like my dad in this one. Yeah, I can see my dad’s scolding look, and it looked just like that.

edit: When I got back on Twitter last night, I saw a blog piece by MicheleR with an update about Inspector Lynley. LOL! If you’ve never seen the show, go check out her blog.

Screencap courtesy of RichardArmitageNet.com


  1. Welcome Back!!! He Lives In My Head Now. The Image Of Him Branded Into My Soul…(Crazy Much?)

  2. Crazy’s good.

  3. The picture is from the first show I ever saw Richard in. It took a bit for Richard to hit me, but boy when he did. Some how it does not have the same affect as N&S.

  4. Good to have you back! I re-watched that Inspector Lynley Mysteries episode yesterday, so we were in sync. ;)

  5. I didn’t realize MIchele had put up a lync to the whole episode! LOL! Gone to update with a link to her piece.

  6. Guess you had a good looking dad.

  7. Sometimes it’s nice to just switch off and do something else for a while. Welcome back! :)

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