Spooks, The Movie

According to Peter Firth, a movie version of Spooks is in the works. As much as I’ve ranted about my frustration with Spooks Series 9, I’m totally up for a film version of the series and of course one that includes the erstwhile Lucas North.


Richard Armitage is so cagey, it wouldn’t surprise me if he already knew about this. He talked about it so enthusiastically in the past, I’ve always wondered myself.


  1. Oh, I hope, I hope, I hope…

  2. great news!!! I only could watch the first episode from the 7 season, and I would love the complete serie and yes, the movie!

  3. One can only hope.

  4. What? That would be cool!! But will RA be in it? Without trying to sound pessimistic, but how could they bring him back – unless the end of season 9 was all done Reichenbach style… Thanks for the news, though!

  5. It would have to be a flashback – set before series 9- with Ros and Lucas in. That’s when the whole franchise was at it’s best. Sadly though, it will probably be a Harry/ Tom double hander which hols no appeal for me.

  6. Oh, wouldn’t that be great. I would love to see Richard play Lucas again. Keeping fingers crossed. All fans, do the same.

  7. Well, they bring back people from the dead all the time in soap operas. And all we saw was Harry looking over the side of the building, we didn’t see a body. So maybe???????

  8. Well we saw an arm but the tattoos were all wrong and IIRC, the watch was on the wrong wrist so you may be onto something there Stephanie!


  9. He has said several times that he wanted to do some more British television, and this would just be an extension of the show–I’d think the filming time wouldn’t be long and drawn out, so he might be able to sneak it in there between Hobbits. We can only keep our fingers crossed!

  10. I am not letting myself get too excited over this, simply because I don’t want to experience a letdown. The ONLY reason I’d want to see a Spooks movie is if RA is in it as a flashback (and Hermione!). Otherwise, meh. . Also, God help the project if the idiots from S9 are the writers.
    I do suggest if it does come to fruition that S9 be shown as an ugly dream, with Lucas alive and well, appearing in the shower singing “Love in an Elevator . . .” ;)

  11. I was thinking a Bobby Ewing-esque shower scene might be the way to go too, Angie! ‘Love in an Elevator’ is a nice touch though – Lol!

    I could hardly bear to watch S10 – not only because of the loss of our lovely Lucas but also (IMO) the loss of everyone worth watching. Talk about one series too many. Very sad.

  12. I didn’t bother to watch S 10. It was obvious from the tacked-on ending to S9 they originally thought it would be the last series (and should have been). For me the series died with their assassination of the characterization of Lucas.

  13. Love the “Love in an Elevator” touch–I have also not watched S 10 and don’t intend to. The loss of Lucas, and the demise (pretty much) of his character before his actual death had already finished me. I was not happy from Day One from the direction S 9 took and probably would have not continued with it except for supporting Richard.

  14. Truly, it was Richard and ONLY Richard that kept me watching all of S9.. I kept feeling more and more dread as the weeks passed, fearing what the next ep would bring. And yeah, Lucas as we knew him died long before the jump. :( I wanted to tell those writers to go take a flying leap, quite frankly.

  15. To have a Spooks movie would be great. I have seen every show but one, that is series 5 (I think) where Fiona Carter dies. We where on a trip and got back about 1 1/2 hours to late. My PBS station never got to reairing it till they took it off. I bought series 7,8,9,and 10. After all we had seen it from it’s start.

  16. Trust me, you certainly were not alone there–and if Richard is not involved
    in the Spooks movie, I would probably not be interested in seeing it. Not that I didn’t think there were other redeeming qualities in S 7 & 8, but I’m not sure it would hold my attention without the charms of one Lucas North.

  17. Obviously it would have to be a flashback of some sorts since they’ve killed off virtually everyone I’d be interested in watching–Lucas, Adam, Ros, Ruth . . . NOT a big Harry Pearce fan (no offense, Mr. Firth) so he certainly would not be the draw for me LOL

  18. Glad to hear it wasn’t just me–Harry was okay, but he was certainly no Lucas North.

  19. I know the character had a huge number of fans, but I never felt he quite treated Lucas right. I always suspected there was something Harry had done or not done that led to Lucas’s imprisonment (even though Connie took the blame). I guess I just didn’t completely trust the guy.

  20. Totally aside from the fact that he left Lucas languishing in a Russian prison for 8 years–to be starved, tortured and God knows what else.

  21. Yeah, he was hardly in a big hurry to get him out, was he?? And Lucas was supposed to be his special protegee of sorts. :-/

  22. Thank God he didn’t DISLIKE him.

  23. LOL! With friends like that, who needs enemies?? We’d have never seen Lucas surface at all!

  24. NO! It cannot be. I am going to have a heart attack over this. Stupid Season 9 left me traumatized and I have never been able to get over what the writers did to Lucas. Now they decide to make a movie, after Richard practically begged them to during his three years there? Dang! If any character was treated like crap on that show, it was Lucas. I better shut up now before I get even more upset. Sorry, guys. This is THE one Richard topic I can’t go into without getting tremendously upset. Good luck to them with their movie, but Spooks without the Lucas we knew in Seasons 7 and 8 as a patriot is nothing to me. UGH!

  25. IF plans pan out! IF resurrecting the dead is in the works – it would probably be Adam Carter.(I suspect) as RPJ has a signifcant following. If no resurrections, Matthew M is equally beloved. I think these two were better known for longer in the UK than was our chap. If any consideration for a Lucas redux has influence, would it be based on the current Hobbit exposure? (It’s all about audience reaction and ratings, and $$$/pounds etc.) If it is to be a film, is Spooks loyalty and nostalgia sufficient to entice posteriors on cinema seats? The “ghosts” of RA and RPJ would be rather nice – short-lived S7E1 indicated the beginning of a partnership there.

  26. I, too, would only watch the movie if RA were in it. All the others pale in comparison.

  27. If they’re making a film, my money’s on them setting it some time after the s10 finale. It’s the only thing that really makes sense.

  28. This is really, really good news if it doesn’t fall through. I binge- viewed Spooks to an almost damaging, sleep deprived extent. So I would definitely watch if Matthew McFadden was on board. Naturally I would be ecstatic about Richard, but how this could be done would be the question of the year. But a viable, believable solution would be most welcome.

  29. Sorry, that’s “Macfadyen” and I knew better.

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