[note: I’m going to attempt another blogging scheme. This time around is the April A to Z Blog Challenge. Since there are 30 days in April, there is a break every Sunday. We’ll see how far I make it.]

I’ve asked many questions as part of running this blog and have learned some fascinating facts. It’s been no hardship since I have always loved asking questions and wish I had asked even more questions in my lifetime and much sooner. One of my greatest regrets is not asking my father questions so that I could have come to a better understanding of who he was. He’s gone now and that opportunity has been supremely missed and missed because I had the attitude he had said quite enough to me about his thoughts. That’s when I saw him merely as a parent and not as another human being. As I write this, I have tears running down my face at how grieved I am about the loss of the fantastic thoughts he could have shared, and more important, about the fantastic human being I missed out on knowing to a richer level. I am not making that mistake with my mother!

As to making so many queries, it’s borne out of an insatiable need to understand so many things. Unfortunately, I feel compelled to qualify how I’m going about it, to make it clear that I fight the tendency we all can have of looking for particular answers. This is what lawyers do to get the upper hand. That’s not what I’m about. Oh, I admit to having a dominate personality at times, but my real obsession — the one that obliterates all others — is wanting to understand reality, and it has been my obsession as far back as I can remember having a thought. May I never lose the drive to know it no matter the ugly things it may reveal by which I don’t mean sordid details of someone’s private business. I’m sure some of you (no, make that all of you) have something intensely fascinating in your private life, but I do not want to pry.

However, there is a person in RA Universe, whom I want to ask questions and have asked some. I want to ask more! I’m fairly certain the person knows I feel this way. If not, then I haven’t said it enough. And if the person isn’t reading this, one of you knows whom I’m talking about, so will you tell the person I’m more or less asking again to have a chat.

Oh, you thought I was talking about Richard Armitage? No, it’s not him although I would love to ask him some questions. I’ve already asked him for an interview, and he said yes. :D The only problem is I don’t think he realized he was talking to one of his crazy fans when he agreed, and I didn’t have the heart to take him up on his kindness to me. So when it came clutch time, I just couldn’t reveal my insanity. I’m not that insane yet. I would love to be that insane. Oh what fun that would be. But I am not that insane today.


And if I ever do interview Richard Armitage, I might just call it a day on this blog, which I’m not ready to do. However, I do have some great questions for him. Nothing inappropriate or inane despite my appearance here. Let’s just say I won’t be asking the usual (I wouldn’t do that to you. LOL!), and hopefully not the predictable either.

But back to who continually intrigues me. It’s a person who just when I think I’ve got them figured out, they do something that confounds me again. I will admit to being pretty average in my assessments, so maybe it doesn’t take much to confound me, but I don’t think this is just me. And I’m sitting here thinking about what they’ve done, chuckling to myself, and wondering when the next surprise is coming. Whatever happens, I want THE interview if there ever is an interview. Oh, it would be friendly, because you have to know I’m a fan of yours as well. Mostly, I wonder how people like you come to be and flourish. I am damn near dying to know this.

For the rest of you, please no guesses on who this is, because I’m never going to confirm it if you get lucky. :D

And a huge thank you to those of you who have submitted to questions. Some have been published, some have yet to be published or may never be — at your request. Whatever the case, it’s been a pleasure getting to know you.

That’s enough for now. More tomorrow when I of course come with the B word.

Robert Ascroft promo still courtesy of RichardArmitageNet’s gallery.


  1. The whole alphabet? Obscure letters , I look forward to their appearance.

  2. I’m so confused…

  3. Looking forward to your A to Z posts! As always, I enjoy reading your posts.

  4. I don’t know who the person is, but if you ever need to talk to a beard you know where to find me.

  5. waiting…tapping fingers…

  6. I do love it here !! I don’t know why I have fallen so in love with this wonderful man…his talent? Yes. His charisma? Yes. His ability to take you away to another place? Yes. It’s so great to be here with others just like me…..I’m tired of being reminded I’m not a giddy teenager anymore and/or I should act my age and just get over myself……Yes I’m a grown up and yes I know he’s not in my orbit, but here, with all of you, it’s just fun to be giddy……thanks for all the fun… <3

  7. Helloooo Judi! Welcome to the asyl…errr, welcome to Frenz’s place. So which piece of RA’s work brought you over to the dark side?!!! :D

  8. You had a good start. Are you done with the A to Z Challenge?

    Blogging from A to Z
    Twitter: @AprilA2Z

  9. You are being kind, Arlee, but I thank you. Shall we say life got in the way. But I have plans for next year.

    In the meantime, I hope you will check out my friend’s wonderful efforts in the A to Z challenge:

    La Voce Vivace

    Judi, I’m glad you’re having fun! I’ll get back to having fun — at least fun in public — as soon as I’m able.

    Queen, I’m workin’ on it. :D

  10. Kelly, I’ll clear it up at some point, and I’m getting around to you, Janine. :D

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