Getting Enough Thorin


thorin[click to enlarge for a sweet screencap :D]

With the advent of Thorin Oakenshield, there are some new Richard Armitage fans. Ohmygosh. I’ve had email and messages aplenty of people looking for his works. They are smitten, and of course I can empathize. After five years of being a fan and three years of blogging about the man, I am still smitten by something about him, and the Why Richard? question is continually near my lips when I encounter new fans. But lately I’ve been asking the question of those fans who have been around awhile, so recently, I asked Heather and love her response:

His face tells a story, and I respect that he applies artistry to achieve this. As someone who makes it a business to convey messages with pictures, I was immediately drawn to that, and it’s such a pleasure to highlight it and in some ways make it richer in a fan video.

If you have not seen Heather’s videos, you need to do yourself a favor and check them out. As for me, I am so glad she chose that medium for expressing her infatuation of Richard Armitage’s talent, since that’s how I even came to know anything about him, and many others have found him the same way. Her videos have become so notable that they have been mentioned a few times in articles about him, but ironically, her most notable fan video is one of her least favorite. It was done as a joke, but she never thought the joke would be on Richard Armitage, who has been teased about it on occasion, most recently in a Glamour UK article, which I had to razz her about. She was mortified too, and said, “Oh God! If I could, I would say to Richard Armitage, ‘I’m so sorry! I was just kidding, but I never meant to embarrass you!'” Oh yeah, right, I know you’re really on his payroll, Heather. ;-)

And I absolutely have to do this whether anyone ever sees it or not ’cause I’m still not going to write a real letter to Richard Armitage LOL!

Dear Richard:

When I read the Glamour article, I wanted to scream what I’m about to say, but I’ve subdued myself. It’s taken me all these months to do so, but I think I’m finally ready to say this to you in a normal tone. Ahem.

You said you weren’t sure what to call those people. They’re called PR people. :D Yep, and the best kind of PR people because they want nothing from you when they express their fan love, if you will.

And I hope you know that Heather has many more videos besides Sexy Back, which is not even close to her best. Maybe you’ll check them all out sometime. In the meantime, a treat:

And if you can’t see this where you are, go here.

One of your crazy fans who hopes you are glad for the opportunity to blush and be mortified. :D

Since the video is so big, please let the video load completely before playing, or you will probably have it stopping and starting. It also helps if your flash player is up-to-date, and for the one on my site, you should hav Quicktime up-to-date.

note: I’m counting this post as an April A to Z post even though I skipped B through F. So yeah, this is G as well as another post in the Why Richard? series. Man, I love killing two birds. :D

Screencap courtesy of my stash, and making screencaps has never been so sweet with blu ray.


  1. You cheater you….I want B-F. Get busy woman.

    Totally agree with you on Heather’s vid artistry. How she does it, I don’t have a clue but the wait will be worth the final product. I promise!!!

    BTW, Sexy Back makes me laugh everytime I see it. Yeah, it’s that entertaining! :)

  2. You are so right, Frenz! I just watched the Thorin video by Heather and it gave me chills; good chills, that is! I must check out more of her work as soon as I’m done preparing our taxes. Ugh! Hi Queenie! Fancy meeting you here and not at the West Side Diner! ;) Loved your t-shirt and LOVED your up-swept hairdo. You’re getting really good at the French braid thing! Thanks for posting the great video, Frenz. I pray all is well with you and yours! xxx

  3. I watched Heather’s video yesterday. She’s so talented, I love her videos. :-)

  4. I never got the impression he was putting his admirers down, just that he is so shy that the name FAN isn’t self deprecating enough, that he would prefer a word that elevates his fans without pointing back to him as the object of fandom worthiness. But that was just my take on it, to each his own. I think heather and all the ladies do a great job on these videos, which I don’t even begin to know how to do. Thanks for the great video and to you for the great blog.

  5. “Sexy Back” is a brilliant video. :D I never liked the song, but after seeing that video (a number of times *cough*), it’s kind of okay now … and every time I hear the song, of course, I keep picturing the video and can’t stop myself from grinning. True story.

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