A Flower for Anna

The Queen is planting petunias in her yard in memory of Anna. What a perfectly lovely idea and especially since Anna was very much a lover of flowers and a gardener. In fact, she was interviewed about Middle-Earth flora for the GardenMaine site.

I perused the site for something from New Zealand that I could grow since some of the areas in Colorado are similar. But I have a black thumb and was skittish about planting anything that an idiot couldn’t maintain. I thought perhaps begonias since that had been one of Anna’s Twitter avatars, and thankfully, Janine, prolific writer and gardener and owner of GardenMaine, says begonias are “actually super easy. They don’t require much care, thrive in indirect light and just need to be watered when soil is slightly dried out.” More about them here.


Janine’s site is a wealth of information, and she is happy to help anyone who is not sure what to plant or how to maintain a plant. Thank you, Janine!


  1. Beautiful color!

  2. Beautiful, thank you Janine and Frenz. It’s put a much needed smile on my face ♥

  3. Such a lovely idea

  4. It’s a great idea. :D

  5. All planted! Sending a link but not sure it will work??

  6. Such a lovely idea Frenz :) She had indeed a beautiful garden, and I remember we giggled like idiots when we noticed she had a bush of yellow roses from Milton ;) I had both the privilege and the good fortune of sharing a few days with her and her family in NZ and I’ll treasure the memories of our whole experience forever. She was the kind of person that touches your heart, without you even notice it and stays with you forever, delicately, like a flower’s fragance.

  7. Ana, That is beautiful! I had to share that on C19.

  8. How could I forget about this lovely interview! Thank you for the reminder, I have fond memories of tweeting w Anna and those I will cherish

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