The Word You’re Looking for is Dorktastic


Can Richard Armitage do anything wrong? Maybe. ;-) But he hasn’t so far, and I love that he’s Mr. Heart Throb yet we can still see his dork. Yeah, it’s dorktastic! (Thank you again, Nat, for turning me onto that word because I really needed it this morning!).

Okay, I’m talking about the Richard on the right in case it’s not clear. He’s a heart throb too! And definitely gets my vote. I think reblogs are how that’s done. Reblogs with lots of commentary. LOL!


You’re loveable and Kermit’s loveable although I’ve never thought of Kermit as a heart throb. I guess some people do. It must be his thoughtfulness, which you certainly share, and there is nothing more powerful than a heart throb with a streak of thoughtfulness — no matter what all of those romance novels suggest.

One of your crazy fans who thought of W.C. Fields on first watching the Go Pop clip, and yet if anyone can pull it off, you can. :D Think John Standring.

note: you gotta see this large. :D Be sure to click on the photo to expand it.


  1. I ran across this picture in the wee hours of the morning when I couldn’t sleep and had to post. I have a blog reader who DOES adore Kermit and knew she’d not be able to resist this one! Love that Richard has this playful, fun, adorable geektastic, dorky side and not afraid to share it. He’s–freakin’ awesome, mate.

  2. Agreeing with everything said, though the man is almost beyond words, he is so freaking awesome. His middle name is sooooo right. *LOL* As for choosing: Nope, have looked at it for hours – or so it seems – and I still want all 4 of them. I don’t do decisions, apparently.

  3. Why am I anonymous? I didn’t mean to. Tried to sign in with my twitter account. Hmmmm.

  4. I’m not sure. Maybe when I’ve had some caffeine, it will hit me. Until then, if you’ve never signed in with your Twitter id here, then that could be the reason. The first time an id posts here, it’s moderated. Hope that helps, and thanks for the comment. :)

  5. You think that on the whole he’d have rather been in Philadelphia? Because he looked to me like he enjoyed Sydney. :-) Or are you talking about the appearing with children or animals thing?

  6. Children and animals. :D

  7. You’re welcome. :) I am greatly enjoying browsing through your blog. I thought I had signed in with my twitter account yesterday, but maybe that didn’t work. Not the brightest internet crayon, I’m afraid. Mostly good for gazing at RA pics and forgetting the world around me. ;-) You probably don’t know the feeling.

  8. No, I wouldn’t know anything about that feeling. ;-)

    Glad you’re enjoying this. :D

  9. Hmmm, decisions, decisions… Thorin remains deliciously majestic while holding cute Red Fraggle. Richard looks “DORKTASTIC”, geeky, and silly along with Kermit….super adorable and very real…Though I love Thorin I absolutely adore Richard in this picture. – actually in any picture….*swoon*

  10. “Adorkable” works, too! And jazzybaby, I understand the WC Fields reference to Philadelphia, but I wish he would rather be there–it’s a short train ride away from me!!

  11. Anybody wonder what would happen if Miss Piggy got ahold of RA? ;)

  12. Hi-YAHHHH! However, I think he can handle himself. & I like to think Miss Piggy might not prove immune to a certain dorktastic drink of water’s charms.

  13. I’m going to go out on a limb and say Miss Piggy can take on both of them.

  14. Kermit is my hero, but I cannot choose between these–and I think Richard could hold his own even with Miss Piggy. I want them to do a Muppet Show Reunion with Richard as the guest star!

  15. Thanks yet again, RAFrenzy, for articulating what I could not. Stupified when I saw this photo this morning, I just shook my head in amazement. The whole “interview,” and both interviewers were, uh, rather dorky, and RA handled them with aplomb. The guy does no wrong in my book.

  16. If he has, I’ve never seen it and don’t want to know about it. We have too few heroes in the world as it is.

  17. Dorktastic and Adorkable Richard F!!! Armitage
    He’s so sweet:) How dare he?!

  18. Absolutely love this! :)

  19. You know I like anything dorktastic! :)

  20. NorthernGal, I like Adorkable too. :D

    Nat, I know you do! :D Thanks again for turning me onto that word.

    J, Glad to oblige! I have another word coming that you may like or not. We’ll see. But please give credit to Nat for this one!

    Stephanie, totally agree!!

    And phylyyyyyyy! I still owe you something. I have not forgotten!

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