Jump Start

For those of us who like long hair, this picture is a must, and if that’s not something that would wake you up, then I don’t know what will:

[Click to enlarge, and if you don’t do that, what is wrong with you?!!]

For those of you who don’t like longer hair, surely this has made inroads into that thinking! Okay, so it’s the eyes. I admit it. But the hair makes a wonderful frame, along with the shoulders and the chest. :D

You want your own copy of this? Go to RichardArmitageNet and check out the Wallpaper page. Carry on.

Note: originally from a photoshoot at the Victoria and Albert Museum in 2006.

And I’m putting this in housekeeping, since I stumbled on it as I was doing some maintenance work. Thank you, mybeckett for the lovely wallpaper, and to Ali for running such a great site.

note: I’ll be getting to Ascroft.


  1. I’m not really into the long hair but if he looked at me like that I would forgive him anything! ;)

  2. Wow that’s just beautiful!!

  3. Love the long locks/scruffy look. Clean shaven with a business cut works well, too! No bad looks for him with eyes and voice like that!

  4. This is the photo I have hanging above my bed with an autograph from Richard–is it any wonder I have trouble sleeping?

  5. This picture has always done “things” to me. Nope! Not going to divulge exactly what those are, but I doubt if I really need to explain. You know you’ve all experienced them, haven’t you? ;)

  6. * miaow* :D

  7. *****sigh******* I would take him anyway he wanted to be…..He is definitely a gift from the heavens…Oh my..all of that and unlimited talent too………………YUM !!!!

  8. May I just add that I have always been a sucker for floppy hair! When you look at the original picture from the V&A photo shoot it can be much enlarged! ;) *swoon* Please note the arm hair and the “smattering of chest hair” – both begging to be touched, don’t you think?

  9. Now that made me smile :) Have a great weekend!

  10. Longtime no see! I hope you’re cooking something good this weekend. :D

  11. I hear all of you! This is one sexy picture, and no, I won’t be revealing all of my thoughts either, Teuchter. :D

  12. I did as you said and clicked to enlarge. Alas, it didn’t enlarge more than the computer screen. I was hoping for a 6f t2 enlargement to be standing in front of me (with that oh so delicious suggestion of a beard). Sometimes technology just doesn’t do what we want it to, *sigh*

  13. 6ft 2 enlargement? Now you’re talking!! ;)

  14. Judi, I just looked at your avatar. ROFLOL!!

  15. Bechep, Someone is going to come up with that. May not be in this century, but it will happen. :D

  16. I forgot to put this post in the PHWOAR! category. I may even tag it ohcheemama. Not sure it is ohcheemama, but it’s really close.

  17. I love this pic, it’s one of my favorite Richard pic. :-)

  18. I almost didn’t click on the enlargement. What’s wrong with me? – got to me though. I was in a hurry. :Lots to do on a busy, sunny day. So, of course, I clicked on it!
    Then I got so discombombulated, I accidentally clicked out of my browser! So I had to go through all the signing in process again to find this post agaon and post my complaint…
    There. I’m done now. Thank you for my Armitage fix. :D

  19. It certainly should!! Makes me gasp every time I look at it – particularly the “enlarged” version! :D

  20. Just posted this on IMDb, N&S! Wow! Thanks Frenz!

  21. There aren’t too many pictures of him that don’t have a certain effect on me. I’m partial to S3 Guy, so the longer hair is a welcomed sight. The man is simply stunning.

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