And Dad Eats Free Too

Last night I was staying at the Hilton and got a complimentary digital copy of USA Today. Very timely since Mother’s Day is almost here!


SO leaned over my shoulder and offered with a grin, “I had something else in mind for Mother’s Day, but this looks good.”

Okay, I was just kidding about dad eating for free.

The real kicker is no woman eats free unless she has a kid in tow. Yes, she can leave dad at home. :D


  1. Are we talking about eating food?

  2. What is even more amusing to me are your tags for this post.


  3. J and Janine,

    SO and I nearly hurt ourselves laughing at this ad. I’m laughing again as I type this. Are they freaking serious?! Wait. I can see it now. Some “well intentioned” husband says, “Honey, you know how you love buffalo wings, well, I’ve got a great place to take you on Mother’s Day.”

  4. J, what do you think? :D

  5. My kid is taking me out for coffee/cake/whatever this afternoon, but I don’t think she had this in mind…I HOPE not. *LOL*

  6. I ate in a Hooters last summer a few times because it was close to a hospital I was frequenting and I was craving bad fried food for emotional reasons. It was daytime (maybe they’re different at night), but I was surprised at the audience. It wasn’t all horny guys with big eyes.

  7. My mother used to take my kids to Hooters. But that’s another discussion. :D

    I ate there when I lived in Texas and when I had a craving for buffalo wings. They really do make great ones, or did.

  8. What I think is hilarious is that ad. Dad’s position is a scream. And why can’t Mom have some cleavage. :D

  9. I was telling SO what a moronic campaign this is, and he said, “Not so moronic. Look at all the free advertisement Hooters is getting.”

    “You think people are really going to go there for Mother’s day?!” I questioned.

    “They don’t have to go there on Mother’s day. They can go the next day and the next day and the next day,” and then he grinned.

  10. LOL why would a dad inflict this upon himself?? Sounds more like torture :D

  11. “Hooters offers moms a break on Mother’s Day. Let Dad ogle someone else for a change while Mom gets to eat in peace.”

  12. LOL! Just think about Daddy’s day,girls ;)

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