Don’t Freak Out, Twitter Jail is Real

Have you been prohibited for a time from posting on Twitter? With a message like this?


And it made you feel like this?


Welcome to Twitter Jail.

By the way, you can also be put in Twitter jail for following and DMs.

You need to remember Twitter does whatever it can to avoid overcapacity — basically saying, WHOA! do you want to bring out the fail whale?!


Here’s what Twitter says officially about limits on your account. The only confusion is many people put in Twitter jail have never seemed to reach those limits and didn’t even appear to come anywhere near the limits. So what gives?

Two things:

First, the limits are broken down by the hour. So if you post more than 41 tweets in an hour, you could be subject to Twitter jail. Yep, it doesn’t always happen, but it can. If it does happen, it’s usually during Twitter’s peak hours. These are between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. Eastern Time in the U.S. since most tweeting is done by U.S. users. Second, and here’s the really fun part, Twitter can, and does, temporarily reduce these limits at anytime the service is nearing capacity. In fairness to Twitter, the status blog tries to reflect when this is happening. Since the status blog is on another set of servers, you can usually access it even when you can’t access Twitter itself.

Hope this helps those who got freaked out by this but still haven’t experienced it, and especially helps those who just can’t seem to stop tweeting = having too much fun. :D


  1. wow, I haven’t ever encountered that! (yet!)

    always love the twitter fail-whale though….

  2. Good to know, although I don’t tweet hardly at all–I read others and that’s about it. I never even knew there was such a thing.

  3. Very interesting, thanks. :-)

    I didn’t know that. :-)

  4. Interesting information. I had no idea, since I only use Twitter a few times a week, but I’ll pass the message along. Thank you! :)

  5. Crikey! I don’t think I tweet nearly that much. Whew! But all of this info is good to know. Thanks, Frenz!

  6. The thing to remember is that it’s about how much during an hour. I was put in jail once for chatting in DM. That’s when I figured out the limits are broken into hourly icrements. I waited a few minutes and was back chatting with the knowledge I could only do a few posts at a time.

  7. I love tweety jail. It gives me time to contemplate the meaning of reality and its juxtaposition in the universe while enhancing the possibility of a parallel universe where people only tweet and never actually talk and jail means actual lockup where you sit in a corner and contemplate the meaning of reality and its juxtaposition in the universe while enhancing the possibility of a parallel universe where people tweet some but talk more and tweety jail gives you time to file your nails so you can type faster.

  8. :D

    And now I can see why you have been sent to the corner.

  9. […] That’s all for now. I left out a lot because I really am trying to keep this to basic pointers, but remember all of this is subject to change at Twitter’s discretion. Just have fun but don’t go too crazy ’cause Twitter jail is real. […]

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