Green Becomes You, Baby

I’m caving into my lame gene. That’s where I come with all manner of assinine titles because these pictures strike me dumb. Just don’t count on any Latin when I’m in this frame of mind. Oh, you weren’t counting on any Latin anyway? Okay, good. Just checkin’. :D

[oh yeah, click to enlarge]

See my last post for more of this.

Once again, lifted from Thorin of Erebor


  1. Yeah. Is that Latin? :D

  2. If you want it to be. :D

  3. *Thud*

  4. Hmmm… Beard? Hint of chest? Hair? Open mouth? I have a few choice words that come to mind – Im sure they have latin roots!

  5. Veni, Vidi, Verdi? ;-)

  6. magnificus? splendidus? sublimis?

  7. ille magnificus ille magnificus and yes, he is tall. ;-)

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