Check Out the Dish

If you’re a Dish Network subscriber in the U.S. and a Richard Armitage fan, and you still haven’t bought North and South on DVD, then you’re in luck. This Sunday night, it’s playing (all four parts) on the Inspiration Channel. And maybe this will be available via other cable/satellite providers. I really wouldn’t know since I haven’t watched cable/satellite tv in years. Anyone wants to chime in with what they know, go for it.

For those of you thinking to pass it up and just watch on YouTube ’cause it’s still there and you really don’t need to buy the DVD, the Lindmas channel that hosted it for a few years has been terminated, and the one that has the four full episodes is probably not too far behind.

A little teaser:

Starts at 8pm Eastern Daylight Time according to the INSP schedule.

And a must:

Dear PBS,

What is your problem? Seriously.

I think that about says it all.

One of Richard’s fans who has supported you unfailingly for years. How about a little give on this RA thing, please.

P.S. In case you don’t know what I’m talking about, check it out here.

Man, if the phrase ‘fake fan letter’ was ever appropriate, it is on this letter. :D

edit: LOL! I left out ‘fan’ in the first sentence, but I imagine most of you supplied the word.


  1. My cable provider carries the station so I’ll be able to watch it. :-D

  2. Direct TV also carries this station and is showing North & South on July 14th, too. INSP channel. I nearly fell out of my chair when I saw it on the program menu. I would have expected PBS to be showing this. Their loss!

  3. I don’t know what is going on. I thought there were licensing issues keeping PBS from airing. Looks like ISPN found a way to get great programming! I’m still going to pester Masterpiece. I can’t think of a better platform for reaching the widest selective audience.

  4. My only question would be–are they sure this is the one with Richard? Just found out the other day that there is also a version starring Patrick Stewart (sacrilege–nothing against Mr. Stewart, but there is only ONE John Thornton). Also four parts, but the catalog I saw the dvd in did not list a release year.

  5. Anon, the issue with PBS is probably that they want a more extensive license than INSP.

    Stephanie, the film clip in the post is from INSP, so it is indeed the 2004 N&S. Either that, or INSP is nuts to run that promo. LOL!

  6. Go to and it will say which one. I believe it is N&S UK

  7. It’s definitely N&S UK. They wouldn’t be so cruel to tease us like that. : D

  8. My thoughts the comment box asks??? They butchered it badly to make room for an onslaught of commercials. I hate to complain, but…really? No Thornton picking the rose with his coat slung over his back in Helstone? No Thornton sitting at the table wringing his hands over the news of Margaret’s father and her plans?? But still, it was wonderful to see it on US tv!!

    If anyone is interested in seeing the entire series BTW, I’m giving away a N&S DVD set this week over at my place. Sorry Frenz for the blatant plug but this is the obvious blog on which to wave a flag??! :)

  9. No problem! : D

    OT: I’m loving the new plug-in where people can comment easily with their twitter or FB accounts.

  10. But the first time you comment with another account, it will have to be moderated.

  11. I just had to moderate myself. Need to do that more often. ;-)

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