Ohcheemama II!

Yeah, this deserves it:

Esquire UK interview
[click to enlarge]

This is from an interview with Esquire Magazine UK. Go here to read and see all the pics.

Individual copies of the Esquire Magazine issue can be obtained here.

edit: I got so rattled I didn’t spell Ohceemama correctly. As if that’s really a word. Oy.


  1. Maybe a little larger/more clear .

  2. Thanks, Kitty! I’ve edited the post with a note: click to enlarge.

  3. “Ms. Moneypenny, I’ll take that martini now. Shaken, not stirred.”

  4. Oh my….

  5. […] Ohcheemama II! […]

  6. Whaaaaaa……………

  7. Agree totally with Eagle-eyed Editor AND so much better than Daniel Craig!

  8. I think *we* are “shaken” and “stirred” by these images – and how ! ;)

  9. Holy #&%$! This has to be my favorite photo shoot!

  10. Oh my. Were they TRYING to set up a comparison of symbolism of the bowtie vs. the necktie? No contest. The Rake is the winner. I mean Rake. I vote for Rake. (And no, Richard is not a rake!) I wonder if Richard has ever bought costumes from photo shoots. Methinks this is one fine tux which he should acquire immediately and wear to every DOS premiere!

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