Oh Damn.

And we just thought our fangirling bout was done for a bit. So wrong.

Richard Armitage
[click to enlarge]

Sheesh, this one about took my head off when it brought on Armitage Objectification Mode.

To get your own copy, you can go here.


  1. Oh, those beautiful hands–

  2. This comes close to capturing how stunning he is in real life but still isn’t there. Doesn’t get the eyes.

  3. So. So. So. . Wrong. Really wrong.

  4. No words! Thanks for keeping us updated!

  5. Hands, face, hair, etc, etc, etc. Gorgeous!

  6. Speechless….except for the sighhhhhhhhhh……..

  7. I … I …. I, uh …

  8. Just gorgeous.

  9. *thud*

  10. What can one say? *eyes riveted to the screen while I drool*

  11. Just about perfect! Wow!

  12. Stunning. Simply stunning.

  13. Pure class!

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