Do You Really Want to See Richard Armitage Playing James Bond?

Apparently, there is still some interest in Richard Armitage playing James Bond if this is any indication: New James Bond

I’ll grant this is fantastic looking and makes for great posing. Definitely has James Bond all over it (literally in this case), but is that the role you really want to see him playing? I ask because it is so confining. It’s a two dimensional character at best, and the actors who have played him seem to get stuck there. Is that what we want to see Richard Armitage, the chameleon and romantic, doing? Being stuck inside a roue’ whose lines are as predictable as the sun coming up tomorrow?

As for what Richard Armitage wants, it should go without saying (but invariably someone says it *yawn* so I’m getting it out of the way with this statement) that he should choose to do what makes him happy. Certainly. But we’re consumers of what he does as an actor and are entitled to have a view of it.

Obviously I’m not keen on him doing this, and a few years ago, I stated the reasons why. Further, I’m mystified that so many fans are interested in this role which does not seem to fit the trajectory of Richard Armitage, and he has even said he would rather play a Bond baddie.

With all the rabid interest I see, and from people whose opinions I respect, I’m curious what is so appealing apart from the potential for great screencaps or gifs or other clips that are swoon worthy.


  1. I agree. Bond is a two-dimensional character and would really be a waste of talent.

  2. Bond sprang to mind, knee-jerk, when I saw the Esquire photos yesterday. But you do have a point. Richard is way too capable an actor to waste his talent on Bond. :)

  3. God no. Craig all the way.

  4. If Craig STOPS being Bond because he wants to move on to other things, a replacement needs to be found, and I agree that Bond is too much of a 2D character for RA to play. He played John Porter, and from the sounds of it, he had to really work to give him a third dimension. Bond would be like Porter, only much cheesier and without the depth. So no thank you.

    There’s a group on Facebook called “Fans for Luke Goss as Bond”, which currently has 800 members. I’m totally behind Luke Goss as Bond! He’s got the whole action man thing going on already. :)

  5. I would want to see him play any role he wants but the reason why I wanted to see him as Batman and/or Bond is that, simply put, these roles will likely lead him to great stardom. I want that happen. I want to see him take whatever other roles he wants to play once his name is better known. So that is about it. I am just speaking for myself alone though.

  6. @MistyMountain, you have a point. I guess I just see that others who have played Bond have not been able to move away from it easily.

  7. Wouldn’t particularly want to see him in the role at all, but the Esquire pics were very redolent of JB.

    No, RA definitely has the ability to play more insightful and much deeper roles. But my feeling as an admirer of his work is that I am quite happy to just sit back and allow him to make the choices he wishes to help him fulfil himself as an actor.

  8. I like the idea of Richard as Bond – or at least looking like Bond. And I think he would be phenomenal. However, I too would rather he procured a nice, meaty Bond baddie.

  9. *maybe* Bond is generally seen as a “2D” character b/c they haven’t found the right actor to give him more depth? I wouldn’t have a problem with Richard as Bond, it’s not something I’m going to hold my breath over but I’ve always liked the franchise and I think he would do well in it. when Christian Bale took on the task of reinventing Batman the thought of seriously portraying a comic book character was laughable. Richard could bring something different to the role that has not been seen before :)

  10. The difference with Bale had a lot to do with the freedom given to Christopher Nolan and the script. I just don’t see that kind of complete dismantling and then rebirth of Bond being allowed by the Broccolis. They’re not that cutting edge. They have a cash cow and no one better mess with it. LOL!

  11. I’ve personally liked the direction they’ve been going with the Daniel Craig version of Bond; more character exploration, who he is and why he acts the way that he does, etc. it is a big money-maker so there will be negative things that go along with that, but I hope that Richard is able to build a career out of both big name and Indy type projects, that he has the freedom to choose; television rumor included :)

  12. I’m sure whatever he chooses to do, I’m going to watch it. :D And I must see the Craig version of Bond! Been meaning to do that, but there isn’t enough time.

  13. I would be happy seeing Richard play anything he chose–my only real quibble with seeing him enter the Bond franchise is that it’s been going on forever and I’d like him to get the chance to create some new and wonderful characters.

  14. I agree. This franchise doesn’t seem to have any scope for development.
    And, although I never wanted Richard at Batman, the Esquire photos also bring Bruce Wayne to mind. With luck, there’s some other role in which he can wear suits, a la Mad Men :-D

  15. I agree, Bond is not an interesting enough character for RA. I would like to see him looking more like himself and occasionally in a suit (think Spooks.)

  16. I could see RA playing a Bond baddie, but would he be allowed to make him a sympathetic character as he did as Sir Guy of Gisbourne? Probably not.

    I’ve noticed that RA seems to play serious men in authority roles. Just once, I’d like to see him doing a comic role where he’d be sardonic but still serious and make us laugh in spite of ourselves. Maybe Shakespeare’s Benedick in Much Ado about Nothing. (Hey, I can dream.)

    I agree with previous commenters – I’d love to see RA get more recognition for his excellent work!

  17. Yes, give us a funny Armitage again :-)

  18. Let’s hope that somebody in Hollywood gives him the chance! Or in England.

  19. I can’t see RA playing JB….so many have already..I think he would not be able to bring anything new to the role. I would love to see him create a great Bond baddie though…that would be fun ;)

  20. No, He needs to play Heathcliff in a really GOOD production of Wuthering Heights.

  21. He could do it as Craig has certainly. Daniel Craig is not just doing Bond, he has done other films and he has made Bond his in a completely different way. However though Richard is beautiful as Bond in clothes certainly I don’t particularly need to see him play James Bond unless “he” wants to do it. I want him to use his talent to the fullest and I believe that is really what he wants as well so I’ll leave it up to him. Even if he were mine to influence I wouldn’t do that to him.

  22. so so late to this party BUT…I have always thought he IS the captain in The Sound of Music. Perfection.

    And…am I the only one who looks at this picture and tho lovely and wonderful and fantastic it surely is…my eye only sees the top of his head wondering “what the heck?” Is the thing in the middle a fluff of hair? A leaf? The squirrel beard? A nesting bird? A weird part? HELP!!?

  23. You’re not alone. I think the person who scanned it had some issues with the scanning bed. :D

  24. Noooo, not Heathcliff! He’s just a scheming psychopath. :( Rochester I can get behind.

    Funny Armitage – yes please! :D

    Wouldn’t it be pretty cool if he was to do a recurring role on “Mad Men” for a series or so? I think they’re only making one more, or something like that (7 in total). He’d get to do TV, in a sharp suit to boot, but couldn’t be tied up for a whole 6 years! :D

  25. Exactly what I was thinking! Mad Men.

  26. This journalist thinks Bond is the only franchise that Craig didn’t poison at the box office. (That’s a harsh judgement. I remember how well regarded was the “early” Daniel Craig, when he played a physicist on PBS in a teleplay.)
    Perhaps it’s a sign that he would not abandon Bond films too soon.

    “It’s a good thing that Daniel Craig is also James Bond, given his inability to create another lasting franchise from scratch. This film [The Golden Compass] flopped, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo flopped and Cowboys & Aliens flopped. And it’s highly unlikely that anyone will ever make Munich 2: Bavarian Bonanza any time soon, either. Thank God for 007.”

  27. I would love to see RA on “Mad Men.” I think I read there will be 14 more episodes but they will be shown in two parts. Seven in 2014 and seven in 2015. I believe they will all be shot at the same time.

    I would definitely like to see him in something where he looks more like himself without all the prosthetics. I was thinking because they haven’t released “Into the Storm” we haven’t seen him in anything new since 2011 except as Thorin.

  28. Although RA looks fantastic in a tuxedo, I truly hope that Daniel Craig continues in the role for the foreseeable future. Craig’s 007 is the first one that I could find tolerable. The others make my skin crawl.
    IMHO, I hope that RA has the desire to get back on stage here in NYC or back in London. That would be an exciting thing for the audience and perhaps for him as well.
    Being that I am off to see ‘Betrayal’ today with Daniel Craig and Rachel Weitz, I trust that JB will be furthest from my mind as I enjoy the show ;).

  29. To follow up from yesterday’s comment, Daniel Craig was very effective on stage. No shades of 007 here! And if anyone wonders, he was very friendly to the folks who collected around the stage door. I was impressed.

  30. The one reason,if I could watch the next James Bond, if Richard played it…I think, this was another step to his incredible career…
    I WANT Richard for JAMES BOND!!!!Oh my gosh, this would be so so great…It is to be destined!!!He is an amazing actor and he showed in Spooks, Strike Back and in Hobbit…..

  31. I would LOVE to see Richard Armitage as James Bond!! He has so much to bring to the character.

  32. Rule out anyone who has played a recognizable Super Hero. Bond should be at least 6’1″, have a captivating voice (Connery, Moore), and have decent wit and charisma. I’d say Armitage would be excellent, with Timothy Dalton as M..

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  34. I would rather see Richard sink his teeth into a role with more depth. He is so talented and is fantastic at layering the emotions of his characters. Bond may not be the best fit for him as he is not a complex character that Richard could develop/interpret. He would look unbelievably gorgeous, though.

  35. Well put!

  36. He’s sinking his teeth in to something meaty right now. ;)

  37. The Tooth Fairy is a tooth-sinking, high protein role, if there ever was one :D

  38. I think he should be bond

  39. At this point in his career, it would probably be helpful. I could be wrong.

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