Do You Really Want to See Richard Armitage Playing James Bond?

Apparently, there is still some interest in Richard Armitage playing James Bond if this is any indication: New James Bond

I’ll grant this is fantastic looking and makes for great posing. Definitely has James Bond all over it (literally in this case), but is that the role you really want to see him playing? I ask because it is so confining. It’s a two dimensional character at best, and the actors who have played him seem to get stuck there. Is that what we want to see Richard Armitage, the chameleon and romantic, doing? Being stuck inside a roue’ whose lines are as predictable as the sun coming up tomorrow?

As for what Richard Armitage wants, it should go without saying (but invariably someone says it *yawn* so I’m getting it out of the way with this statement) that he should choose to do what makes him happy. Certainly. But we’re consumers of what he does as an actor and are entitled to have a view of it.

Obviously I’m not keen on him doing this, and a few years ago, I stated the reasons why. Further, I’m mystified that so many fans are interested in this role which does not seem to fit the trajectory of Richard Armitage, and he has even said he would rather play a Bond baddie.

With all the rabid interest I see, and from people whose opinions I respect, I’m curious what is so appealing apart from the potential for great screencaps or gifs or other clips that are swoon worthy.

Adele May Talk Me Into a Bond Flick

Someone sent me a link to the title tune of the new James Bond Movie, Skyfall, which was just released a few minutes ago although the movie will not be in theaters until November 9, 2012. In the meantime, enjoy a little Adele:

I haven’t seen any of Daniel Craig’s movies as Bond, but I understand he’s pretty good. Adele might actually persuade me to give this one a go.

For Richard Armitage fans, how many of you would love to see him as Bond? I gave my opinion about that here, and I still feel the same, but I’m open to having my mind changed. :D

The Bond Question

The question of whether or not Richard Armitage would make a good James Bond has come up countless times in the fandom, and it happened again the other day with DEZMOND’S poll. I didn’t vote because I’m conflicted, but I want to go on record as saying that he would make a marvelous James Bond. I’ve never doubted it. The question for me is whether or not he should indeed play Bond. I know I would love whatever he chooses, but from the first time I heard the suggestion of him being Bond, I’ve had my reservations.

The character is fairly one-dimensional. At least he is in all the Bond movies I’ve seen, which is all of them except Daniel Craig’s Bond (need to rectify that in the near future). Maybe Craig has changed things up? Somehow I doubt it, and that’s no aspersion on him. It would take a mega star to change up the Broccoli Machine, and then maybe even that wouldn’t happen because the Broccolis are not going to hire anyone who is going to mess with their cash cow. I’m sure their thinking is “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

That’s a good rule of thumb if it’s only about money. If it’s about art, then there’s no such thing. Well, money is still involved, but hopefully it doesn’t dictate everything. Last time I checked, and again, I haven’t seen Craig’s portrayal, Bond was not about art, and certainly not about any real thought. About as deep as Bond usually gets is sexual innuendo via the liberal use of double entendre. I can watch Sean Connery for that ’cause he does it so well, and really, I don’t want to see RA being a Sean Connery retread although I’m sure he could pull off some great stuff.

But let’s say RA did play Bond. What would that mean for his career? I’m inclined to think it would not bode well. All of the actors who have played Bond including Connery have not done much of note. One reason is most of the actors chosen for the part are not the best actors or even close, and I would bet it’s almost an admission that an actor is second tier to be chosen. I could be wrong about that, but my common sense says this is not considered a plum role if someone thinks of himself as a serious actor. I would hate to see RA in that group.

Another reason for my hesitance is Bond is such a larger than life character (bigger than any actor’s portrayal) that the typecasting which comes with it makes accepting the part maybe a bit daunting later, and especially if the actor plays the part really well as Connery did. Is there any doubt RA would play this well? Ohmygosh, just thinking about him being Bond, well, I need to keep this blog safe for work. Suffice to say that PHWOAR! would probably roll off my tongue so often it would be sore.

All of that aside, the only thing that really gets me excited about RA being this character is imagining how he would deal with the back story, and yes, of course some gratuitous shots for objectification edification. Speaking of which, here is a shot that in my opinion screams James Bond:

And just for comparison purposes:

Oh, heck a few more.

When I saw this…

I quite naturally thought of this…

And when I think of this…

It’s easy to think of this…

Definitely need a cool drink, and maybe I need to speak to Hunkess. I could do with a little celebration of masculinity of this historic Hunkie.

That Sean Connery has got to be one of the sexiest ever! The dude is even sexy as a graying, balding man. Phew!

Photos courtesy of, Public Domain, and my stash.

What woman could resist someone that manly looking and with that beautiful, deep burr? Oh yeah, Connery has ‘it’, and obviously, so does RA. I think I’ve just convinced myself that Richard should NEVER play Bond. He is the only one I’ve ever thought could eclipse Connery. RA doesn’t need that baggage!

Side note: I think it’s a hoot that Ian Fleming based the “sophisticated persona” of Bond on Hoagy Carmichael. I love Hoagy! Love to play Hoagy, and yeah, his music is sophisticated. But his persona? I’m not seeing it. LOL!

Then again, Wikipedia could just be having us on. I’m not a Bond aficionado so I wouldn’t really know, and I don’t have time nor inclination to become one. I’m doing well to write this blog. Better stop now since I feel a strong urge to go on a tangent about Hoagy.

Oh, what the hell!

One of the all-time great songs, and a real pleasure to play as well as hear:

Another one I love to play:

And by the way, I love 7notemode. He is a helluva player, but then this is my kind of music. If you ever think of me playing anything, this would be it! And maybe a little Brubeck and Duke Ellington as well. :D

Oh, and as much as I love 7notemode, I wanted to post Oscar Peterson playing Skylark but couldn’t find it. Oscar is fantastic. If you’ve never heard him, you’re missing out!


For the uninitiated, that’s translated, “If I were single and within the vicinity of Richard Armitage, I might not be responsible for my actions.” If you look at this picture below, it becomes understandable. That is my idea of handsome!

That look trumps 2007 and 2009 combined! This is definitely a PHWOAR! post. Where’s SO?! LOL!

I’m rethinking this James Bond thing. Is that James Bond above or what?

Also, RA was without a co-presenter. YEA! I don’t know if the BAFTA people finally wised up or if RA was ready to reign in solitary splendor. LOL! Whatever the case, I love that he was alone:

Who got the award? I don’t think I even remember.

Yeah, I hope you have one of those too one day, Richard:

I’ll bet the Crinkle Zone is having a field day with this:

Once again I’m indebted to the ladies at and to JJ (not sure who you are, but I could kiss you. :D). The top screencap is from the BAFTA 2010 page there, and I made the other screencaps from a clip so graciously linked on that page. It was clip #3 if anyone is curious.

Ahhh, that bit of fangurling felt good. When I get done drooling over these pictures, I’ll have to find out how Spooks fared.

I hope all of you are having a wonderful day!

edit: I see Spooks didn’t win. Have to look at those pictures again to cheer me up. ;-)