Richard’s Wish

I was watching this the other day, and I literally (yes, I mean literally in that I really) laughed out loud. :D

I understand Richard would like for the Army to get drunk. If he happens to be researching, I have some news about this desire. A cocktail won’t do it, but I have just the thing to make us get completely blitzed, and I started to second guess this idea until I saw this:

Richard Armitage Yowza

No second guessing now. I know there’s a way to make us all get drunk.

Dear Rich,

If you want to ensure we get blasted, I have a tip. Merely shave your head. You do that, and I guarantee you will drive most of the fans to drink.

I’m trying to imagine this picture with you sans hair. Phew. Even the thought of that makes me want to reach for some alcohol.

A crazy fan, who adores your hair! :D

P.S. It would be a total hoot if you really did shave your head. I expect it one day if you’re a serious actor and especially if you want to make good on going ugly and damaged. ;-)

P.P.S. Leaving the snark for a moment. As much as I love your hair, I would love to see you in the ugly and damaged roles. Something real. Bring it on.


  1. ok now THIS IS NEW?!!! I think. No words. None. Nada.

  2. The shame if he ever shaved his head. It would be awful, I really like his full head of hair. Now if Mr. 70 had a full head of hair, but no so he can shave his head, which he does.

  3. Happy Holidays! and all the best in New Year, Frenz .

  4. Too Many bald shaved men around, i must protest!

  5. Ok that’s not what I expected you’d suggest in reference to THAT picture :P

  6. I personally think he’d look fine bald because he’s got great eyes and eyebrows and nose.

    I have no problems with good looking bald guys.

  7. I’m with violetsframework: No more bald headed guys.

  8. Noooooo!! Please don’t shave your head Mr. Armitage. (Okay, for a role – a really good one – but after that – please grow it back!)
    Actually there is a little bald patch at the back of his head (not always visible) and it makes me sad. ;(
    I now need some egg nog to cheer myself up!
    Merry Christmas Frenz! Hairs to you – Cheers!

  9. I’ve never actually seen evidence of this patch myself but I guess I don’t get the shots from the right angles :-)

  10. Merry Christmas and a happy new year, Frenz! Hope 2014 will be an improvement on 2013. :)

  11. He is such a charmer and so nice about his Army. Loving Cumberbatch’s Shakespearian Dragon and it must have been so hard to act with the green screen.

  12. […] but whatever the case, he wears it well. Is there a hairstyle he can’t pull off? Shaved head? I would still love to see that, and I promise it won’t drive me to drink. Probably look sexy as hell like the rest of his […]

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